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The Imperial Infiltration is a Raid Event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius based on Final Fantasy XV. Players face the MA-X Maniple as the Raid Boss.

The event also has an associated Trial Fort Vaullerey - Battle with Aranea.


As a Raid Event, players are required to inflict damage (not defeat) the boss earning score according to the damage inflicted. Defeating the boss is not required but yields maximum rewards, even losing the battle provided damage was done will reward the player. Players will then earn Raid Coins based on their performance which can be used for Raid Summon in order to acquire rewards including Materials, Gil Snappers, Metal Cactuars and Trust Moogles.

Raid Summon[]

The event's Raid Summon awards crafting materials for exclusive equipment, Magicites, Metal Cactuars, Gil Snappers and Trust Moogles for the event's featured units. Noteworthy however is that this event introduces common Trust Moogles for generic use (1%, 5% and 10%) and 4★+ Guaranteed Tickets as possible rewards. The player is advised that these newly added rewards have a significantly low chance of appearing each, so it is entirely possible to spend hundreds of thousands of coins and still not get any of them.


The MA-X Maniple's power and HP will change depending on the difficult faced. On ELT it has 4,000,000 HP. The MA-X Maniple can attack roughly up to 5 times per turn and relies solely on physical attacks for offensive. It uses Manipulate Scissors to cause damage and inflict ATK and/or DEF Breaks to one unit. Missile Drop for damage and cause Confusion and/or Paralysis. Turret for damage to all the party, and a more rarely used Self-Destruct which deals heavy damage to the party (contrary to its name, the Boss doesn't lose any HP while using this).


With preparation the Boss is not difficult although the player may need to secure some defenses if not able to kill within one turn or two. As stated above his physical attacks, in particular Turret and Self-Destruct can be deadly. ATK Breaks and a Physical Cover Tank should deal with this problem. The player should just in case bring Confusion/Paralysis immunities just in case, and/or use a Provoke Tank as well to deal with them.

All the player has to do next is buff if possible and go all out and try to defeat the Boss for maximum results. Since the Boss is a Machina monster, Machine Killer is very effective to equip or otherwise units that have them. If the player has them themselves or through companions, Aileen, A2, 2B, Black Cat Lid are all good options to deal massive damage on the Boss. Black Cat Lid is however a finisher so she may need some chainers to boost her damage.