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Imperial Forward Camp.

Imperial Foward Camp (帝国の前線基地, Teikoku no Zensen Kichi?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the north of Gardenia. It holds many imperial soldiers to search and eradicate the Desert Moon.


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The Mask aiding Glaive.

The Warriors of Darkness come here to assault the camp on Matoya's request. However, they are ambushed by soldiers and escape in a hurry. When they realize Diana got left, Glaive recklessly runs out alone to find her, despite Nacht's and Alba's objection.

He has to fight through an Unit Captain, who is too strong for him. Eventually, The Mask shows up and helps him. Then the two continue to seek for Diana and find out that she is captured. After fightning several soldiers, Glaive and The Mask, who disappears shortly right after, save Diana. Diana thanks Glaive and he tries to tell her something before Alba and Natch interrupt them. The team continues to go around the camp and finally meet the Base Captain, along with other soldiers. With Matoya's help, they defeat the soldiers. After the fight the Warriors of Darkness wonder how easy the fights were and sense that something is wrong. They leave the camp and head back to Gardenia.

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Item Price
Golden Needle Chest
Ether Chest
Gold Shield Chest
X-Potion Chest
Ether Chest
Shadow Blade Chest
Dark Bow Chest
2500 Gil Chest
Gauntlet Chest
Dry Ether Chest
Remedy Chest
Cottage Chest