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The Impact Crater is a location in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and one of the few that was not in Final Fantasy IV. It is located west of Fabul and beyond Mt. Hobs, and is the site of where the meteor that the Mysterious Girl used to get to the Blue Planet hit. The Impact Crater on the Blue Planet is visited three times by Gekkou, Yang and Edward. A second Impact Crater is on the Red Moon and is investigated by Fusoya and Golbez.

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Ursula, the daughter of Yang Fang Leiden, the king of Fabul, believed she saw a shooting star fall from the sky by Mount Hobs. Against her father's wishes, and without permission, she went into Mount Hobs to examine it when Yang found her. Ursula got her way and Yang allowed them to go to the meteor where they discover the brave high monks that went to train on Hobs have died. The Sylphs appear to tell that "they" had come for them (the Eidolons) and to look for the Crystals. Then disappear before telling Yang more. On leaving, Yang promises to avenge the high monks' deaths.

In Edge's Tale, Gekkou is dispatched to spy on Fabul and goes to the crater some time before Yang and Ursula. He sees the Mysterious Girl kill the monks, and builds a makeshift grave and burial marker for them at the site of the battle after she leaves before leaving to return to Edge.

TAY IOS Edward & Harley Impact Crater

Edward's party at the Impact Crater (iOS).

In Edward's Tale, he sends a messenger to Baron to inform Cecil of the impact, and his aide Harley sets out to investigate the meteor. Edward and several guards later follow when Harley is late returning. After finding Harley and returning to Damcyan, they receive a message from Cecil requesting the meteor be handled by Baron.

On the Red Moon another meteor impacts some time before the events of the main game. Fusoya and Golbez fight the Mysterious Girl and Asura here before returning to the Crystal Palace.

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