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Imp in Final Fantasy VI.

Inflicts imp status on the target, or removes it if already inflicted.


Imp (カッパー, Kappā?) is a magic spell from Final Fantasy VI.

Imp is an effect spell that can be learned from Cait Sith at a x5 rate, or at a x1 rate from the Tortoise Shield, Saucer, or Reed Cloak. Celes can learn it at level 13. In the GBA and following remakes, having immunity to the Imp status will also cause immunity to the spell Rippler.

There is an advantage to being hit with the spell; imp characters can take full advantage of the Imp equipment, which increases their stats significantly. These are the only pieces of equipment which give a character inflicted with Imp status boosts.

A character under the Imp status does not change said character's sprite outside of battle. The Imp has a full spritesheet, including a chocobo/Magitek riding sprite that cannot be seen. The majority of the guest characters do not have a riding sprite.

The Imp spell can be useful when used on enemies, as it is capable of affecting certain bosses, such as Number 024. As most bosses will not be able to remove the Imp status, they are effectively powerless for the entire fight. However, there are some monsters who automatically perform critical hits if turned into imps.

Imp can be absorb by Runic in the Super Nintendo version, but this was later changed. This is likely due to the fact that it changes Celes's sprite into an imp for a brief moment before reverting it.


An imp is "a small, mischievous devil or sprite".