FFBE wiki icon Immortal Flame is a theme performed by Katy Perry for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as part of a new collaboration. The theme plays during the Red Hot Music event and was first introduced during the Fan Festa 2018.

It follows "Touch It" by Ariana Grande in a similar collaboration involving real life artists.


Lightning strikes only once in your life
I guess I'm lucky 'cause I found myself
In the line of fire tonight
My heart beats like thunder under my skin
And my world speaks in wonder since you came
Now we are here
And I could die (I could die)
In your arms tonight
But it would be a shame (A shame)
'Cause I want to live a thousand lives
And be your immortal flame (Your immortal)
I'll be your (Your immortal)
Ooh, I'll be your (Your immortal)
Oh, I'll be your (Your immortal flame)
And I could die in your arms tonight
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