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The Immortal is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Fragment of Invincibility

The War of Transgression that pitted Cocoon against Pulse took place 700 years before the catastrophe. The common wisdom on Cocoon is that the war was sparked by a Pulse invasion; however, Pulse records claim that the culprit was a 'demon from Cocoon.' Historians remain divided to this day.

The people of Pulse had always feared invasion from the sky, and made preparations accordingly. These included 'immortals,' war machines of immense strength and durability that were able to fight fal'Cie even when half-destroyed. The ancient weapons where designed for a defensive war on the ground, not offensive airborne assaults. Some historians claim that this proves it was Cocoon that instigated the war.



The Immortal will always start with Forge Blade which will summon the Centaurion Blade. Centaurion will use Electrocute to deal major Lightning-Based damage to the whole party and give the Centaurion Blade both Enthunder and Bravery.


It is recommended the party starts the battle with SYN/SYN/SYN so as to cast as many buffs as possible before the Centaurion Blade appears.

When the Centaurion Blade appears, the party should change to RAV/COM/RAV having Serah and a monster in Ravager roles with Fire Spells as both monsters are weak to that element and Noel as Commando to deal high damage and focus all efforts into destroying the Centaurion Blade since it cannot be provoked. Protection against Lightning is a great help. If Electrocute is used, the party should change to either MED/MED/MED or MED/MED/COM, in this case Noel is essential due to Curaja, with the Commando being a monster of choice and then attack until the Centaurion Blade falls.

Immediately after, the party should focus all its time into attacking the Immortal who will only use weak physical attacks twice before using Forge Blade once more. With the Paradigm mentioned above one can ensure the Chain Gauge is maximized and stabilized before the Immortal is successful on his summon, Noel being a Commando is important as at this point he should have Launch which he will use giving the party time to use Ultima Arrow through Serah (if learned). In either case, the party should change to COM/COM/COM and change the leader to Noel to ensure maximum damage and use Meteor Javelin before the Immortal's Chain Gauge depletes which can deal as much as 70,000 damage.

If the party is leveled enough one Stagger should be more than enough, otherwise the party can try an all assault attack while the Immortal tries to summon the Centaurion Blade once more. If the Immortal still has a large sum of HP then one should just rinse and repeat all this process and the Immortal will fall.


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