FFXII wiki icon The Immobilize glitch is a glitch in Final Fantasy XII. It works by having a party of two characters and immobilizing one with either Immobilize, Sleep or Stop. By using the other character as party leader the player can head off and once the immobilized character disappears off the minimap, one can trigger the glitch; when the player comes across an enemy, they can switch leader to the immobilized character, and then immediately switch back to make all enemies in range disappear.

Since the immobilized and the moving characters will end up separating from each other afar, by switching one active character back into the reserve, going back to the map and then activating him/her again, will virtually teleport that character to the leader's position instantly.

This trick is useful in areas like Giruvegan where some gate switches are located at the dead end of a branch route, or for retrieving a treasure chest then fleeing the scene immediately.

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