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Create illusions to absorb two direct physical attacks.


Image is a Ninja command ability in Final Fantasy V. It creates two illusions around the character to nullify damage from two physical attacks, having a very similar function to the White Magic spell Blink, but requiring no MP. The ability is not innate to Ninja, but is learned upon leveling up the job to level 2, at which point it can be equipped by any job.


Image is not innate to Ninja, and cannot be used until reaching job level 2 as one. At this point, the ability can be equipped in the ability slot by any job. Job level 2 requires 40 AP total (30 AP from job level 1) as a Ninja.


It is possible to stack Image and have a total of three illusions, if the Image command is used after having lost one illusion, i.e. after having absorbed one physical attack. The third illusion cannot be seen, but it is there. It is not possible to stack up to four or five illusions, and trying this will reset the character to two illusions.


Image creates two copies of the user to dodge attacks. This can be useful in a variety of boss battles against enemies who use physical attacks, such as Minotaur. The ability's main drawback is that it requires an ability slot to use, as opposed to using the Blink spell, which costs MP but is more efficient for ability slots as it grants access to all White Magic spells. In addition, summoning Golem can have the similar effect of avoiding physical damage from a hard-hitting enemy, meaning one can forego Image when Golem is available.