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Ilsabard (イルサバード, Irusabaado?) is a continent on Hydaelyn, the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Though it was once populated by many smaller nations, most have been subjugated by the Garlean Empire and become its territories.


Ilsabard lies northeast of Eorzea. The two are connected by a land bridge, which the Garlean Empire crossed to invade Ala Mhigo 20 years before the game's story begins. To the east of Ilsabard is Othard.

Little is known about Ilsabard's geography, but it is known to be cold and mountainous in the north, there are temperate plains in the south where the Seeq originate, and according to Bajsaljen the southern coast of the continent is plentiful in foggy wetlands such as Gangos.

  • The capital city of Garlemald itself is in the north.
  • Bozja, the homeland of the Hrothgar, is in the far southeast near the Othardian kingdom Dalmasca. In addition to Hrothgar it is also known to be home to Hyur and Roegadyn.
  • Werlyt is in the far west near the border with Eorzea, just on the eastern side of the Ghimlyt Dark.
    • Castrum Collinum is the imperial castrum in Werlyt.
    • Terncliff is in the south of Werlyt, perched atop cliffs on the coast. It is used by the Empire as a supply depot for their airships. It is populated by Hyur and Au Ra.
  • Corvos is in the south just across a strait from Thavnair.
  • The Republic of Landis is somewhere on the continent.
  • Nhalmasque is somewhere on the continent.