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Ilsabard...divided in twain by a vast mountain range. Those who would traverse its jagged peaks face peril at every step. But why go by foot when one can simply fly? On the outskirts of the imperial capital, in the frozen wastes of the Magna Glacies... The winds howl in icy protest, as if to warn against further trepass...

Ilsabard (イルサバード大陸, Irusabādo Tairiku?, lit. Ilsabard Continent) is a continent on the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Though it was once populated by many smaller nations, most have been subjugated by the Garlean Empire and become its territories.


Ilsabard lies northeast of Eorzea. The two are connected by a land bridge called Ghimlyt, which the Garlean Empire crossed to invade Ala Mhigo 20 years before the game's story begins. To the east of Ilsabard is Othard.

Ilsabard is divided in two by a large mountain range in the center of the continent. To the south of the mountains are temperate fields, while to the north are inhospitable snowy wastes. The southern coasts of the continent are humid marshlands.

  • Garlemald is located in the frozen nothern reaches of the continent.
  • Nhalmasque is in Ilsabard's central mountains. It was the first nation Garlemald ever conquered, in the year 1517 (60 years ago).
  • Bozja, the homeland of the Hrothgar, is in the far southeast near the Othardian kingdom Dalmasca. In addition to Hrothgar it is also known to be home to Hyur and Roegadyn.
  • Werlyt is in the far west near the border with Eorzea, just on the eastern side of the Ghimlyt Dark.
  • Thavnair is a large tropical island off Ilsabard's southern shore. It is home to the city-state Radz-at-Han which has historically been staunchly neutral in worldly affairs.
  • Corvos is in the south just across a strait from Thavnair. The Garleans refer to it as Locus Amoenus, and it was their homeland before being forced north.
  • Landis is somewhere on the continent.

In addition to Ilsabard's nations, a nomadic people known as the Eschva used to wander across borders in the olden days. When the Garlean Empire came they refused to settle, and Garlemald allowed them to continue their nomadic lifestyle on the condition that the strongest Eschva men enlist in the imperial army for a fixed period of time.[1]



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