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Uses phantasm magic to attack all enemies!


Illusionist is a job class in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for humes and nu mou.

Illusionists use the power of the elements to deal a decent damage to all enemies on the battlefield. Because their abilities "Target All" enemies, the Illusionist can stay out of the fray and cast magic. Since they have mediocre HP growth (and outstanding MP and Magic Power growth), it is advisable to move out of harm's way at every turn.



Hume Illusionists have the highest MP and Magic Power of any hume job, and have exceptionally high Resistance. This is counter-balanced by having the lowest HP, Attack and Defense stats of all hume jobs, as well as being the second slowest, beating out the Paladin by only a tenth of a point. Like all hume magic jobs, it is faster but slightly less powerful than its nu mou counterpart.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
5.2 E 7.1 A+ 6.1 D- 6.4 D 9.2 A- 8.4 B 0.9 D-

Nu mou[]

Nu mou Illusionists have the lowest HP growth, and tie with Paladins, Templars and Sages for the lowest Speed growth. The Illusionist does not have any beneficial unique merits, as the Alchemist, Time Mage and Sage outshine it in almost every aspect.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
5.1 E 7.6 A+ 5.7 E 6.4 D 9.6 A+ 8.8 B+ 0.8 E


Phantasm Skill[]

Illusionist command. Deal damage to all foes.

Skill Equipment AP MP Power
Prominence Firewheel Rod 100 32 20
Sun's power. Deals fire damage to all enemies.
Tempest Thunder Rod 100 32 17
Storm. Deals lightning damage to all enemies.
Freezeblink Sleet Rod 100 32 20
Makes blizzard to deal cold damage to all enemies.
Star Cross Princess Rod 300 32 17
Uses the power of the stars to damage all enemies.
Stardust Stardust Rod 300 32 20
Calls down rain of meteors to damage all enemies.
Deluge Chill Rod 200 32 17
Waterfall deals water damage to all enemies.
Soil Evidence Terre Rod 200 32 17
Earthquake. Deals earth damage to all enemies.
Wild Tornado Thor Rod 200 32 17
Giant twister. Deals wind damage to all enemies.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Absorb MP Lordly Robe Absorbs MP used to cast a spell against you. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Half MP Light Robe Cuts the amount of MP used for abilities by half. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Spell Combo Mythril Rod Ranged combo ability for illusionists. 100


Illusionist has the highest magically inclined stats for humes, so this is a good class to level up as for any hume desiring to be a mage. Their spells target all enemies, even able to hit enemies who try to run away. It is difficult to escape the grasp of an Illusionist, unless the enemy gets very lucky or has some elemental immunities. Wielding White or Black Magic allows humes to capitalize even more on their high magic. With such weak physical stats, Illusionists should never see the light of combat. With such weak abilities, Illusionists never deal high damage. Since their abilities target all enemies, they can stay out of the fray while providing other kinds of support. The nu mou variant of the Illusionist is outclassed by other nu mou jobs, and Sages and Time Mages outdo them at almost everything.

Enemy Illusionists run away as they are not required to get into messy close combat, making them annoying to fight. The player should chase them relentlessly, as Illusionists have low move and jump, so any remotely faster unit will catch up. Silence cripples Illusionists, as they are the least capable of physical combat of any class.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Illusionist TCG.png

Nu mou Illusionist appears on a card.


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