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Waves of Mist radiate from this secluded spring, lapping at the blooming flowers of remembrance. Herein all creatures revisit their home. It is the place of birth and return for all Yarhi.


Illusion's Home is a location on Lesrekta, Isle of Illusions, which is an island of Lemurés in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is where Vaan first wakes up after the events with Balthier and the auralith at the Ymir Qul Underground.

Main missions Edit

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Mission 32: Where the Heart Lies Edit

Reunited with Vaan, the party searches with renewed determination for a way home. A strange voice beckons to them, but where does it lead?


Returning from the Neverwood, the party encounters Velis, who takes form as the Esper Odin. After a harsh battle, Velis turns into the Godsblade Anastasia and the party wakes up upon the Galbana.

Monsters Edit

Map Illusion'sHome RW

Rewards Edit

Goblin Pouch Edit

  • Water Magicite/Water Crystal

Side missions Edit

Monster Melee Edit

Open battle against the area's indigenous beasts.


Monsters Edit

Map Illusion'sHome2 RW

Rewards Edit

  • Auracite

Goblin Pouch Edit

  • Cedarwood Stick/Cedarwood Log
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