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A salve-maker who wanders the world treating people's illnesses. Although many prefer to use more contemporary methods such as magic to treat the ill and the wounded, Ilias has always turned to nature in order to make organic concoctions to the same end. He may not serve for brute force in battle, but his resilient attitude and wide knowledge of various types of medicine have seen him through his journey.

In-game description

Ilias is a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He is a salve-maker who wanders the world and makes organic concoctions to treat people's illnesses. He currently works for Crown Prince Shera and his aide Amelia, in the group known as Shera's Commandos.




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As a child, Ilias used to hear stories of the salve-maker Mel, who had sacrificed her own body to further research the effects of her concoctions and create an antidote for a plague that threatened the lives of countless people. Motivated by these stories, Ilias has devoted himself to creating medicinal remedies that everyone can easily access without having to rely on magical recovery methods.

Ilias wanders the world treating people's illnesses and in search of ingredients to create new concoctions that can help people of all kinds. Prince Shera invited Ilias to join his own personal forces, a squadron operating in secrecy within the Zoldaad Empire dubbed Shera's Commandos, to put his strong motivation and talents to good use. With them he accomplished a number of rigorous missions by playing the role of their logistical support during battle.

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Ilias appears as a 4-6★ Rare Summon who focuses on the roles of Support and Healing. His job is listed as Salve-maker and his skill set resembles that of the recurring Chemist job, providing support to the party and MP recovery. His equipment selection includes daggers, swords, staves and throwing weapons, as well as light shields, hats, helms, clothes, light armor and accessories. He is one of the two units who can innately use drinkable items (the other is Otogiri).



  • Ilias is something of a counterpart to Helena. Both are 4-6★ units that are improved, similarly-clothed version of a 1-2★ unit they admired since their childhood (Montana for Helena, and Mel for Ilias).