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A cool and collected young man born into a line of retainers to the royal family, raised to ever be by Noctis's side. Endeavors to improve himself all the while supporting the prince. Thanks to his keen wisdom and intellect, he fulfills his duties admirably during the party's travels.


Ignis is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during Act 2, Chapter 7 of the main storyline.



Ignis wears a purple and black patterned dress shirt with a black suit and black shiny red-soled shoes with sequined crystals at the tip. He wears shimmery silver driving gloves and glasses.


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Act 2, Ch. 7: Respite's Authenticity[]

Joining the warriors[]

Materia summons Ignis to a part of the world of darkness that resembles the abandoned quarry at Fodina Caestino from Ignis's home world. The first person to greet him is Vayne, but Ignis's first instinct is to ask after Noctis Lucis Caelum. Vayne explains that the Crown Prince is indeed in the world of respite. Ignis is surprised Noctis is referred to as "prince" rather than "king", and Vayne surmises Noctis does not remember aspects of his future, which are already known to Ignis. He explains that the goddess Materia withheld memories from her earlier warriors in a bid to strengthen their wills, as willpower can bend the laws of this world's nature however one pleases. As an example, Vayne tells Ignis that he can will his out-of-reception cellphone into functionality to contact Noctis. Vayne tells Ignis that Noctis is enjoying his time among the warriors of this world, and warns him that restoring his memories may shake his will. Ignis considers withholding information from Noctis and makes his phone work and reaches out to Noctis directly.

When Ignis reconnects with Noctis and Prompto, Lyse, Garnet, and Ace accompany them. Lyse asks Noctis to introduce them to his new friend. Ignis interrupts and describes himself as the Prince's "tactician", a term that befuddles Prompto. After a round of warm introductions Prompto is surprised that Ignis is making fast friends. When Lyse tells Noctis that he seemed so happy to reunite, he becomes confused and exclaims that it is normal to feel "relieved" to find that a friend of his turned out to be fine. Ignis is amused at Noctis's reaction and doesn't think he has changed at all. He pauses as he ponders his friend's future. When Ace asks if he is alright, Ignis replies that he is happy for the Prince. After their initial introductions, Mog tells them that brilliance lies nearby, and it might be easily accessible given the lack of nearby planesgorgers. Noctis promises to fill Ignis in as they head back to camp and Garnet promises to introduce him to the other warriors.

As the warriors continue through the mountains, Ignis becomes acquainted with Steiner, Penelo, Edgar, Lenna and Rosa. He fields curious questions from them about the his role in service to the Crown Prince. He explains his responsibility for managing Noctis's nutritional needs, and is quick to ask if the others have been eating and sleeping properly in this world. Rosa clarifies that they have everything they need on Mog's airship, while Edgar and Steiner tattle on Noctis for not eating his vegetables earlier that morning (much to Ignis's consternation). Penelo notes that Ignis, as Noctis's retainer, is conscious of such things. Edgar makes a pass at Penelo, making her uncomfortable. Ignis chides Edgar for his behavior, suggesting that this is the reason he is difficult to approach.

After a while, Noel runs over to tell Ignis that Noctis and Prompto are looking to speak with him. They discuss how Noctis and Prompto never met Materia directly, though Ignis did. They raise the point that Materia's more recent warriors were brought to the world with their memories fully intact and suspect Ignis remembers what they have forgotten. Remembering Vayne's warning, Ignis deflects their questions and tells them that he doesn't want to risk saying anything vague or incomplete in the case it complicates their situation. He turns the conversation towards whether anybody had seen Gladiolus; how Noctis and Prompto are doing; and whether Prompto has been engaging in photography. As Prompto and Noctis tell him that their journey has been enjoyable, Ignis falls silent as he recalls the tragedy of the events following their departure from Cape Caem.

While Ignis is alone, Vayne opens a torsion and greets him again. This time Ignis draws his spelldaggers on him, having heard more of him from his enemies from Ivalice. Vayne assures that he has no intention of starting a fight with the warriors, and indeed has an agreement to aid them if he is called. Ignis sheathes his daggers but continues to probe Vayne's intentions with suspicion. Ignis refuses to answer when Vayne asks after his thoughts upon meeting a Noctis free of his memories. Vayne continues to share his thoughts on how their fates, even in this world, are unfairly bound by crystals. He alludes to the machinations of a warrior who intends to take advantage of Materia's weakness as a goddess. Having delivered his warning, Vayne retreats through a torsion.

Sephiroth's ascent[]

Sephiroth kills Materia and seizes her throne before issuing the memories and appearances of the many warriors upon countless manikins of Zack Fair who are dispatched to infiltrate the ranks of the warriors before degrading into monsters, an action intended to confuse and demoralize them. Tidus and Jecht discover and confront their clones and after the battle, Ignis, along with Noctis, Zack, Cloud and Vivi, sit with Tidus to learn more about the threat that he faced. Ignis asks if the warriors had ever faced such clones before; Vivi clarifies they had faced lifelike imitations of themselves, but such beings had their own motivations and self-interests. These manikins, however, reflect the memories of others. Ignis infers they must lack wills of their own. The wonders if it is possible to tell the manikins apart from their real counterparts. They decide it to be impractical to always stay together. Ignis proposes that the only way to know for certain is to phish for information that only they would know, but that the person they are interrogating could not. He warns the group to proceed with caution, particularly when splitting up and regrouping.

Ignis happens across Prompto and Noctis. Noctis asks if there is a way to bring back things they had lost along their journey, making Ignis suspicious; he knows this is his own deep yearning and that neither the true Noctis nor Prompto are perceptive enough to relate to it. He deduces that he has encountered their clones and calls the warriors to regroup on his location. The true Prompto and Noctis, accompanied by Zack and Cloud, arrive and confront their clones. Cloud draws his weapon, driving the false Prompto to plead with them against a violent outcome. Once it becomes clear that conflict is inevitable, the false Prompto and Noctis shed the appearances, revealing themselves as dark manikins of Zack. Ignis and his comrades defeat the manikins.

Ignis, Zack, Cloud, Firion and the Onion Knight discover a large number of clones in a cave and surveil them from a distance. The imitations are child-like, as if performing interactions for its own sake rather than to communicate. The Onion Knight summons Mog to ask about the topic, but Mog admits he only understands brilliance rather than the bodies that contain it. Mog does convey that the only of Zack's dark manikins that had brilliance was the very first one they met. Ignis notes that dark manikins are created by the crystal core of darkness and not Materia or Spiritus, and thus are not bound by the laws of the gods. Mog suggests that is why so many dark manikins are present now, when previously they had only faced solitary ones containing brilliance. Firion and the Onion Knight reason that someone might be controlling the crystal core of darkness and thus had unlimited power to manipulate, or destroy, the world as they wish. Ignis surmises that Zack's dark manikins are merely pawns of this higher power and proposes that they reprioritize their objectives, deferring their search for Zack's brilliance to stop the clones' master instead.

After Zack regains his memories he and Cloud organize a strategy meeting. When Zack explains that Sephiroth sits on Materia's throne, Ignis indicates that he had known all along from Vayne. Vaan angrily asks him why he met with Vayne without telling the others; Noctis echoes the concern. Ignis explains he had said nothing because he was neither sure if the Vayne he met was a fake, nor if Vayne's intelligence was good. Ignis also notes that he recognized that some of the warriors might be uncomfortable with his contact with Vayne. Vaan gets even more upset at Ignis's insinuation at his immaturity.

Confronting Sephiroth[]

The warriors enter a military installation that resembles the Lucian countryside garrisons commandeered by Niflheim. They find Vayne waiting for them at the entrance. Ignis begins to exchange intelligence, inviting ire from Princess Ashe. Materia's death has rendered the world of respite unstable; however it continues to exist by virtue of Spiritus's power and the sheer will of Materia's warriors. Vayne singles out Noctis, accusing him of lacking the will to protect others because his resolution as king is flagging. He implies that Noctis is all the weaker for the lack of his memories. Ignis disputes Vayne's claim and challenges him to a battle to demonstrate that Noctis is strong-willed even in spite of his memories. Their protracted battle convinces Vayne who notes that Noctis is strong because he can depend on his comrades and envies him for it. He then disappears back through a torsion.

Noctis and Prompto approach Ignis who admits that he has been withholding information from his friends and prioritized interactions with other warriors over them. He begins to apologize, but Noctis rejects it. He asks if Ignis believes that they are too weak to handle the pain of the missing memories. Ignis explains that it is not that they are weak; rather, it pains Ignis to take away the happiness they have enjoyed and is unprepared to tell them the truth yet.

As the warriors press forward, Zack and Cloud see Sephiroth just before he steps into a torsion at the heart of the military installation. They chase him through the torsion and find themselves in Materia's chambers, followed by Ignis, Noctis, and Prompto. After Sephiroth monologues about his ascendance he exchanges insults with Zack, the warriors defeat him, leaving nobody to fill Materia's throne. The world begins to disintegrate and a planesgorger emerges from a torsion directly into Materia's chambers. Mog highlights the danger of fighting in such an unstable space and transports everybody into the ruins of a city resembling Insomnia, a place where the wills of the warriors intersect most strongly. The warriors spar with Sephiroth again and kill the planesgorger. Sephiroth is bored with the fight, but is interrupted by Spiritus, who appears to assist the warriors in their battle. Spiritus, too, is incapable of defeating Sephiroth. Since Sephiroth unseated Materia, the gods are no longer able to banish him from the world of respite since he is no longer bound by their laws. Sephiroth disappears through a torsion and escapes. The warriors can't give chase because they cannot pursue him past Spiritus's seal. Spiritus resummons Materia and reveals her to be alive, though she remains incapacitated from Sephiroth's earlier attack. Something is happening to the world that weakened Materia's authority in a way that Spiritus has yet to understand. As he searches for the origin of the issue he instructs Ignis and the others to restore Materia to her throne. They heed his instructions and carry her to her chambers.

Ignis and the other warriors demand that Materia answers for the circumstances that led to her fall. She explains that the last straw that broke her will was for her warriors to lose faith in her authority. While she rendered the world into existence and constructed its laws, she herself was merely a steward to the crystal and to the wills of the warriors. She didn't understand why the warriors wouldn't want to be relocated against their wills, and still doesn't. She lacks a real understanding of the respite that is required to nurse a person's spirit even as the human body requires rest. She nevertheless remains bound to her responsibility, incapable of leaving her throne. Ignis, remembering his own leader's coming of age, suggests that her position is not so different from that of a king. When Lightning asks why Materia chose to not resist her fate, Ignis insists that Materia had a good reason, but Materia herself denies it. Seeing as the throne cannot be left empty, the warriors entreat Materia to be their strength by reclaiming her place as god of light. Ignis reassures the despondent goddess that they stand together against the threat against their shared world.

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Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Avengers (XV).png Avengers (XV)
(5★) / 15CP
DFFOO Cutlasses (XV).png Cutlasses (XV)
(5★) / 35CP
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV. Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV.
DFFOO Plunderers (XV).png Plunderers (XV)
(5★) / EX (70CP)
DFFOO Plunderers (XV)+.png Plunderers (XV)+
(6★) / EX+ (100CP)
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV.
DFFOO Ulric's Kukris (XV).png Ulric's Kukris (XV)
(5★) / LD (90CP)
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV.
Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Ignis's Fatigues (XV).png Ignis's Fatigues (XV)
(5★) / 35CP
DFFOO Ignis's Leather Shoes (XV).png Ignis's Leather Shoes (XV)
(5★) / 90CP
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XV. Original armor.
DFFOO Ignis's Leather Shoes (XV)+.png Ignis's Leather Shoes (XV)+
(6★) / 130CP
DFFOO Ignis's Glasses (XV).png Ignis's Glasses (XV)
(7★) / 210CP
Original armor.
DFFOO Ignis's Glasses (XV)+.png Ignis's Glasses (XV)+
(7★) / 230CP


Move Type Attributes Obtained Image
BRV Attack
BRV Default 150px
Steals enemy's BRV.
HP Attack
HP Default 150px
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.

Default 150px

Crystal STR 20 150px

Crystal STR 65 150px



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