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Ignis in battle.

Ignis is a supportive party member in Final Fantasy XV who often stays near Noctis in the heat of battle. He wields a pair of daggers as his Primary Arm. He can switch comfortably from a standard grip and a reverse grip for variable attacks. He can also toss one into the air and kick it at the foe he is fighting. His Secondary Arm is polearms. Like all party members, he can also equip elemental grenades as a Secondary Arm.

Ignis possesses the most powerful blindside link out of all of Noctis's friends. It is executed if Noctis attacks an enemy from behind with a greatsword, in which Noctis and Ignis perform six powerful blows to the enemy.

After patch 1.19, Ignis can be used as the lead character via character swap. He plays identically to how he handles in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis. Ignis cannot be switched to during chapters 10 to 13.

Party memberEdit

Ignis is the most supportive party member, excelling in both consistent damage output and being a helping hand. He is well balanced in terms of stats, lacking any glaring weaknesses, and has a better Magic stat than Gladiolus and Prompto.


Ignis controlled via character swap.

Wielding daggers and polearms, Ignis is fast and constant. When playing as Noctis, Ignis often stays near him or stands in front of the player to shield them (he also does this to Aranea when she is in the party as a guest). Ignis's fighting style changes after Chapter 9 when his mobility becomes limited. In Chapter 14 this has improved, but he will prefer to throw daggers and polearms rather than use them for closer quarters combat.

It is advisable to keep him away from more powerful enemies, as his endurance will not allow him to take heavy blows. His skills focus on helping out the team from instantly analyzing monsters with Libra, debuffing enemies, to healing. As Noctis's party member, Ignis learns First Aid abilities from the Recovery grid in the Ascension that let him recover his own health when low.


Ignis's base statistics, ignoring stat boosts from weapons and attire.

Level HP Strength Vitality Magic Spirit
1 339 17 31 24 51



Ignis Regenerate from FFXV


Ignis learns the following Teamwork skills from the Ascension Grid. He will use them independently.

Crystarium Branch 2
Crystarium Branch 1
Venom Fang
Crystarium Branch 1
Virulent Venom
Name Effect
Analyze Ignis attempts to inflict Libra on one enemy, using scan time as resistance value. Used as first action when battle starts, sometimes more than once. No weapon requirement. If Ignis's daggers have an innate a status ailment, he can inflict enemies with it with Analyze (doesn't work for Vigilantes' Stop). He still tries to use the ability on enemies that are immune.
Lancet Ignis counterattacks with a polearm and drain 100% of the damage when own HP is low. Damage modifier: x2.5. Can only restore current HP once. The attack can miss.
Regenerate Ignis heals an ally with a hidden item when his own HP is high. No weapon requirement. Ignis will use a free item that applies Revitalized for a few seconds and he can use this consecutively. He can still use his Good/Grand Chamberlain accessories in conjunction. He has to be near the target to activate and the action can be interrupted. Uncommonly, he can apply it to someone in Danger to instantly recover them.
Venom Fang When Noctis is performing a Blitz combo, Poison the target for 60 seconds with daggers. Damage modifier: x1
Virulent Venom Increases Venom Fang damage modifier to x1.5
Link Up
Crystarium Branch 2
Super Link Up
Crystarium Branch 1
Critical Link
Crystarium Branch 1
Limitless Link
Crystarium Branch 1
Ultimate Deathblow

The group Teamwork skills also apply to Ignis. The linking skills make linked attacks (see below) stronger, whereas the Deathblow abilities have Ignis perform specific abilities on enemies that are in vulnerable state. Which Deathblow Ignis uses depends on equipment; if he has a spear equipped, he will only use that. Ignis's spear Deathblow is the strongest of all Deathblows. Ultimate Deathblow boosts the damage dealt.


Crystarium Branch 2
Crystarium Branch 1
Crystarium Branch 1
Ignis: Limit Break

Ignis's Techniques range widely in purpose, from strategic offensives to issuing support, including healing and granting status buffs.

His default Technique is Mark, where he tosses up to four daggers, each striking a different enemy on the field and inflicting damage, which causes Noctis to warp-strike to them dealing follow-up damage. Killing enemies this way will not grant AP. It costs a single tech bar.

Enhancement has Ignis pull out a Magic Flask and imbue Noctis's weapons with Flameboost, Frostboost, or Stormboost, depending on the enemy aimed at by the player, also boosting his weapon strength. Ignis can't imbue Noctis's weapon with Darkness or Light. The critical version of the Technique lengthens the buff's duration. The effects can stack and can persist after battle, but reapplying a buff won't reset the duration. It costs a single tech bar.

Regroup has Ignis signal an urgent command to fall back and band together, summoning the party to his call. Along with restoring most of everyone's HP, it will lift any allies from Danger state. The critical version also buffs the party with Stalwart. Regroup won't heal poisoned or Downed party members, and won’t restore Max HP, though Poisoned allies still recover from Danger. The party is briefly invincible after Ignis finishes speaking, but Prompto and Gladiolus are vulnerable before then. It costs two tech bars.

Overwhelm has Ignis commence a full on assault with the party towards one enemy. It is one of Ignis's more powerful but studious Techniques to master; Noctis retains normal attacks with his equipped weapon (will idle if holding magic or the Ring of the Lucii), while allies can additionally use Deathblows in unlocked, and their secondary weapons if equipped. The party is invincible for the duration of the onslaught. Depending on the enemy’s size and mobility, the Technique can end up overwhelming a target with a constant stream of blows, or end up sloppy with inconsistent and missed attacks. The technique ends prematurely if the target perishes. It costs two tech bars.

Starting from Chapter 10, Ignis gains the ability Libra Elementia. Sensing and analyzing an opponent's properties, Ignis exploits its elemental weakness by tossing a free Magic Flask of his own onto them, targeting their appropriate vulnerability. It costs a single tech bar.

Sagefire is Ignis's Level 3 Technique. Upon coalescing flame with both daggers drawn, Ignis rushes in with a headstrong charge on the designated enemy. Depending on the distance and whether he makes it to the target, Sagefire will consume the opponent and those near it in an explosion should it land, or will see Ignis cast off the flame into a giant stationary pyre should he miss. It is a devastating Fire attack that can break appendages. Uniquely, its damage is boosted by Ignis's Magic stat. It costs three tech bars.

The Limit Break node in the Ascension lets Ignis break the damage limit of 9999 when using Techniques. Sagefire, and occasionally Libra Elementia tend to surpass the limit.

Linked attacksEdit

Noctis-Ignis link-strike pose from FFXV

Ignis and Noctis pose after a link-strike.

When parrying an enemy's attack (called link-strike) or blindsiding them (called blindside link) as Noctis wielding either a one-handed sword, polearm or a greatsword, Ignis has a chance to join in for a linked attack. He must be near Noctis (with the Friendship Band equipped he can be a little further away), not incapacitated, and not amid performing another action. He has one link-strike per weapon type, but various blindside links; if a blindside link triggers with Ignis the game chooses randomly which attack to use, although some require Ignis to have a polearm equipped as a secondary arm to appear. However, when Ignis has a polearm, he doesn't appear to be using some of his daggers linked attacks much, or at all. Linked attacks only happen in the main game when playing as Noctis. Ignis's linked attacks tend to trigger the most often as his AI has him stay near the player.

Player's weapon Ignis's weapon Type Description
Sword Daggers Link-strike Noctis strikes the enemy whose attack he parried with his sword while Ignis throws his daggers at it. The two stand back to back while Ignis pushes his glasses up.
Sword Daggers Blindside Ignis cartwheels toward Noctis's enemy to hit it while Noctis cartwheels away from it.
Sword Daggers Blindside Noctis manifests his sword while Ignis manifests his daggers and both slide forward crossing each other's path.
Sword Polearm Blindside Ignis approaches while somersaulting and Noctis joins him, both somersaulting an enemy at the same time. (Video)
Polearm Polearm*(Noctis's polearm) Link-strike Ignis jumps over Noctis who throws the spear he just used for parrying into the air. Ignis grabs it midair and lands on the enemy, skewering it. Ignis returns the spear to Noctis. (Video)
Polearm Daggers Blindside Noctis attacks and grouches down, Ignis jumping over him to stab Noctis's target. (Video)
Polearm Daggers Blindside Ignis performs a combo attack on Noctis's target with his daggers, and Noctis performs a finisher with his polearm.
Polearm Polearm Blindside Ignis throws his spear at a jumping Noctis who dual-wields spears to skewer his target.
Greatsword Daggers Link-strike Ignis joins Noctis's counterattack on an enemy.
Greatsword Daggers Blindside Noctis does a jumping attack on an enemy and stays down at the end of it, while Ignis rolls over Noctis's grouched body to attack his target with daggers.
Greatsword Daggers Blindside Noctis hangs back while Ignis slides past him, attacks the enemy and then cartwheels away while Noctis performs a finisher with his greatsword.
Greatsword Polearm Blindside Noctis attacks first. Ignis swoops past him to strike Noctis's target with his spear. The two continue attacking together.

Ignis can perform linked attacks with Ravus Nox Fleuret in Episode Ignis. They trigger randomly when attacking an enemy, unlike in the main game where they are tied to parries and blindsides. The game does not display the linked attack message on-screen. The linked attack is determined by the element currently in use. The player can link once per element, and then needs to change element for a linked attack to trigger again. However, if the player immediately swaps to another element they can keep doing linked attacks in quick succession if they are lucky.[1]

  • Flamebind: Ignis and Ravus attack Ignis's target with their weapons, and then kick it in unison.
  • Frostbind: Ignis and Ravus attack Ignis's target with their weapons while twirling.
  • Stormbind: Ignis and Ravus stab Ignis's target with their weapons at the same time.

Character swap Edit

The player can learn the ability to swap to Ignis during battle from the Ascension Grid for 20 AP. Ignis imbues his daggers with elements, able to freely change between Fire, Ice, and Lightning attacks. He excels in dodging and agile movements. He can both dodge-roll in Danger state and recover from it on his own by pressing the Warp button, regaining some HP. He cannot make use of his Magic stat in any way, and his equipped polearm will only affect his counterstrike and High Jump.

Ignis's MP functions similar to Gladiolus's: he has 100 base MP, he constantly loses MP when holding the phase button, he recovers it very quickly, his Stasis period is much shorter than Noctis's, and he cannot dodge-roll or brace attacks in Stasis. Like Gladiolus and Prompto, Ignis has Impervious by default when he is playable (Noctis needs to unlock it in Ascension for 333 AP), and has a bigger recovery window than Noctis. Impervious negates the damage the player just took from some attacks by pressing the dodge button just after getting struck, even restoring Max HP or canceling an ailment inflicted by the attack. Ignis is the only member with a visual prompt for Impervious, followed by another unique visual prompt that allows him to counterattack with his spear (unlike Noctis and Gladiolus, who block attacks in order to counter). If far from his target, Ignis's spear counter will be a lunge, which covers a lot of ground, while closer-ranged counters may have him take a wide swing. On rare occasions, particularly if attacked near a ledge, Impervious may leave Ignis airborne; triggering a counterstrike at this point will have him throw his daggers at the enemy. Ignis's Impervious works on more types of attacks than the rest of the party, particularly weaker/dark elemental ones.

Ignis has a damage meter that starts at 1.0 and goes up by .1 per successful attack, maxing out of at 4.0. Higher numbers boost damage inflicted and makes it easier to stagger enemies, knocking them into a vulnerable state. Taking damage staggers Ignis and lowers the damage meter; the meter will drop rapidly if not attacking for at least a second.

Ignis's "Total Clarity" unleashes a unique attack with the Warp button when the displayed gauge is fully charged, depending on which element he has currently chosen. The player can charge it by holding the Warp button (leaving him vulnerable temporarily), attacking enemies, and by phasing through attacks.

Flamebind ability by Ignis from FFXV

Flamebound daggers unleash a long flurry of fire attacks, easily dispatching individual enemies. Tilting the analogue stick while attacking will cause him to perform invincible dodges, similar to Noctis. Finishing the combo ends with a strong area blast. Flamebind has two aerial attacks, depending on the distance from the target, with the long range version making Ignis fling his daggers as projectiles. Flamebind's Total Clarity ability launches 10 projectiles that home-in on multiple limbs of one target at once. The projectiles can travel quite far, but will eventually dissipate.

Ignis ice daggers against hekatontoads from FFXV

Frostbound daggers deal ice-elemental damage over a wide 360-degree radius. The combo ends with Ignis unleashing an area-of-effect ice attack that can stagger enemies. Frostbind has one aerial attack that functions similarly. Ignis can slowly walk around while attacking. Frostbind's Total Clarity ability is a single wide area attack that knocks enemies down and is especially effective on magitek troopers.

Stormbound daggers swiftly home in on enemies across the field, hitting up to six times. When locked on to a target, Ignis focuses on it. Not locking on has Ignis switch targets for every hit and the player can move the analogue stick to direct his attack. Releasing the attack button has Ignis backflip. His aerial attack is similar to Noctis's air dance, consuming MP as well, though his quickly recharging MP makes it a negligible concern. He cannot gain significant height and won't be able to reach targets that are too high. Stormbind's Total Clarity attack strikes the locked-on target and any enemies under the Shocked status, with its power boosted the more targets the player has shocked.

High Jump Ignis Tactical Arts from FFXV

High Jump.

Ignis has three Tactical Art techniques. High Jump acts similar to Aranea's Dragoon Dive at the cost of one tech bar. Ignis leaps towards his target (or straight down if there is none), dealing strong area damage which scales off the damage meter and breaks off enemy appendages, also granting AP for kills similar to Noctis's warp-strikes. He can still jump without a spear equipped. Overclock doubles the damage meter for a random element at the cost of two tech bars, able to reach 8.0 and also doubling its growth rate. A higher damage meter may visually intensify the elements. Using Overclock again overwrites the last buff.


Quick Recipeh allows Ignis to cook a meal mid-battle. The result is random, yielding either a buff or a debuff with four possible outcomes. Both the buffs and the debuffs wear off if character-swapping to another character. Quick Recipeh becomes available after clearing Episode Ignis once and obtaining the purchasable cookware during a second playthrough.

  • "Terrible": Ignis hunches over and is afflicted with two debuffs exclusive to him (damage and Total Clarity meters drop to 0, and he can't build them up again until the effect wears off), plus Poison. The debuffs ignore immunities, though Poison can still be blocked with the Magitek Exosuits or healed with an item. 
  • "Bad": Ignis shakes his head and is afflicted with the two exclusive debuffs, neutering his damage and Total Clarity meters.
  • "Great": Ignis clenches his fist in front of him, granting a unique buff that fills the Total Clarity gauge automatically.
  • "Perfect": Ignis holds out a dish, granting the previous buff and making him immune to damage and stagger.

When charging the Total Clarity meter manually or using a Tactical Art, the damage meter will not drop.



208Max MP: +4
Magic: +5
+50% damage to enemies in vulnerable status
Buy: 50
Sell: 25
Default: Ignis at start of game
Shop: Ch.1–8: Hammerhead
Well balanced and lively daggers that inflict extra harm on vulnerable foes.
438Max MP: +4
Magic: +5
Critical bonus when the wielder has low HP: Critical + (5 + 1.5n)% where n is every percentage point reduction under 30% HP
Buy: 150
Sell: 75
Find: North of Three Valleys (Leide; Map)
Shop: Ch.1–8: Hammerhead, Galdin Quay, Prairie Outpost
Daggers that unleash their full potential in times of peril. When the wielder is in poor health, they deliver critical strikes against the foe.
588Max MP: +6
Magic: +10
10% chance to inflict Enfeebled
Buy: 300
Sell: 150
Shop: Wiz Chocobo Post, Coernix Station - Cauthess
Daggers for agile and cunning fighters. They sap the attacking strength of foes.
Mythril Knives
628Max MP: +6
Magic: +50
Buy: 600
Sell: 300
Default: Noctis in Close Encounter of the Terra Kind
Shop: Taelpar Rest Area, Lestallum
With blades forged of mythril, these knives enhance the wielder's magic.
1118Max MP: +10
Magic: +10
Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy
Buy: —
Sell: 0
Trade: Caem Carrots x4 at Cape Caem farm
Unique daggers crafted with Insomnian technology. They absorb the elemental powers of defeated foes.
Patch notes: Was made sellable in Patch 1.03
Assassin's Daggers
(Assassin Daggers)
1268Max MP: +7
Magic: +10
10% chance to inflict Poison
Buy: 1500
Sell: 750
Find: Malacchi Pond fishing spot (southeast from chocobo racing track; Map), Vesperpool region (southeast from the lake; Map), Daurell Caverns (from the fishing spot, go up then right)
Shop: Lestallum, Verinas Mart - Ravatogh, Ch.7: Imperial vendor outside Steyliff Grove
Blades favored by assassins, infused with venom. They may inflict poison with each strike.
Delta Daggers
1538Max MP: +6
Magic: +15
10% chance to inflict Compromised
Buy: 5000
Sell: 2500
Find: Near the Rock of Ravatog (Map), Malmalam Thicket (south from the ice deposit; Map)
Shop: Altissia, Cartanica, Tenebrae, Zegnautus Keep
Short but deadly blades, designed to inflict gaping wounds, depriving foes of their defense.
Plunderers II
1838Max MP: +15
Magic: +30
Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy
Buy: —
Sell: 0
Upgrade: Bring Plunderers to Cid with a Barbed Scythe
An upgraded pair of unique daggers crafted with Insomnian technology. They absorb the elemental powers of defeated foes.
Patch notes: Was made sellable in Patch 1.03
Main Gauches
1928Max MP: +7
Magic: +21
+50% damage to enemies in vulnerable status
Buy: 8000
Sell: 4000
Default: Ignis in Ch.14
Shop: Ch.14: Hammerhead, Kingsglaive Base Camp (Windows/Royal Edition)
Well-balanced and lively daggers that inflict extra harm on vulnerable foes.
2238Max MP: +9
Magic: +20
Buy: 10000
Sell: 5000
Find: Costlemark Tower (across the beam near the start, top of the spiral; Map)
Shop: Meldacio Hunter HQ
Short blades infused with holy light. They are deadly when used against daemons, who fear all that is sacred.
Ulric's Kukris
(Ulric's Twin Swords)
23413Max HP: +282
Max MP: +24
Strength: +8
Vitality: +15
Magic: +48
Spirit: +20
Shot Resistance: 21%
Fire Resistance: 5%
Ice Resistance: 7%
Lightning Resistance: 4%
Dark Resistance: 19%
+1% to HP and MP recovery rates
Buy: —
Sell: 15000
Find: Defeat Psychomancer in Ch.14: Insomnia
A pair of blades wielded by a hero who fought for the future of his homeland. One was forged in the Crown City, and the other in Galahd.
2488Max MP: +10
Vitality: +25
Magic: +23
Spirit: +32
Fire Resistance: 10%
Ice Resistance: 10%
Lightning Resistance: 10%
Dark Resistance: 10%
Buy: —
Sell: 6000
Find: Ch.15: Galdin Quay (north along the road; Map), Ch.15: Fociaugh Hollow maze
Blades forged to be the ultimate pair of daggers, enhacing most wielder attributes.
2908Max MP: +5
Magic: +20
5% chance to inflict Stop
Buy: —
Sell: 7500
Find: Ch.15: Greyshire Glacial Grotto maze (first haven)
A special alloy forms the core of this pair of blades. They cut with such force as to stop foes in their tracks.
Zwill Crossblade
(Solin Shape)
3458Max MP: +5
Magic: +25
+80% damage at full HP
Buy: —
Sell: 10000
Reward: Wondrous Weapon (Randolph)
Blades for virtuosos who know how to avoid blows. Deadliest when the wielder is at full health.
Mage Mashers
668Max MP: +13
Magic: +32
-30% Fire/Ice/Lightning damage
Buy: —
Sell: —
Download: Pre-order bonus, Weapon: Mage Mashers (FFIX) DLC
Daggers set with protective gems. They mitigate damage from fire, ice, and lightning when equipped.
(Elemental Daggers)
1780Strength: +28
Spirit: +16
Exploits any enemy's elemental weakness
Stays in inventory from the start of a new game
Buy: —
Sell: —
Download: Complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis
Daggers imbued with elemental energy. They deal devastating damage to enemies vulnerable to a specific element.
Garuda's Plumes
(Garuda Fangs)
Garudas Plumes daggers weapon for Adventurer from Another World from FFXV
1768Max MP: +6
Strength: +22
Vitality: +24
Magic: +29
Spirit: +20
Strengthened aerial attacks
Buy: —
Sell: —
Trade: 1x Mythril Knives & 1x Vortex Feather & 10 Allagan Tomestones at Y'jhimei's trading post in Perpetouss Keep
Can be purchased once
Daggers that house the raging power of the Lady of the Vortex. Inflict great damage with aerial attacks.
Patch notes: Added in patch 1.27 for Adventurer from Another World
Plumes of the Vortex
(Vortex Fangs)
Garudas Plumes daggers weapon for Adventurer from Another World from FFXV
320100Max MP: +60
Strength: +31
Vitality: +31
Magic: +31
Spirit: +22
Deal 50% more damage with aerial attacks
Aerial warping MP cost halved
Always inflicts a critical hit
Glows green in battle
Buy: —
Sell: —
Trade: 1x Garuda's Plumes & 4x Vortex Feathers & Adamantite & 20 Allagan Tomestones OR just 99x Allagan Tomestones at Y'jhimei's trading post in Perpetouss Keep
Can be purchased once
Daggers that unleash the raging power of the Lady of the Vortex. Inflict great aerial damage and reduce aerial MP consumption.
Patch notes: Added in patch 1.27 for Adventurer from Another World


184Critical bonus when the wielder has low HP: Critical + (5 + 1.5n)% where n is every percentage point reduction under 30% HPBuy: 150
Sell: 75
Default: Noctis at start of game
Shop: Galdin Quay, Prairie Outpost
A polearm that unleashes its full potential in times of peril. When the wielder is in poor health, it can deliver critical strikes against the foe.
Drain Lance
334Max MP: +5
Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy. Player gains a new Drain Lance in New Game Plus and chapter select.
Buy: —
Sell: 1
Reward: Ill Tidings main quest (drops from the imperials guarding the hill overlooking Insomnia)
A unique polearm crafted with insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.
Patch notes: Was made sellable in Patch 1.03, and can be sold for 1 gil.
Drain Lance II
484Max MP: +11
Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy
Buy: —
Sell: 0
Upgrade: Give Drain Lance to Cid with Metal Bit
An upgraded version of a unique polearm crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental power of defeated foes.
Patch notes: Was made sellable in Patch 1.03.
Mythril Lance
554Magic: +32Buy: 300
Sell: 150
Shop: Wiz Chocobo Post, Coernix Station - Cauthess
With a blade forged of mythril, this polearm enhances the wielder's magic.
Rapier Lance
(Slash Pike)
684+80% breakage on body parts/appendagesBuy: 600
Sell: 300
Default: Noctis in Close Encounter of the Terra Kind
Shop: Taelpar Rest Area, Lestallum
A polearm that pierces with the precision of a needle. Allows the wielder to destroy appendages with greater ease.
Storm Lance
1134Inflicts Lightning-based damageBuy: 1500
Sell: 750
Shop: Taelpar Rest Area
A polearm that crackles with electricity. Foes vulnerable to lightning best beware.
Ice Spear
1334Inflicts Ice-based damageBuy: 1500
Sell: 750
Shop: Lestallum, Verinas Mart - Ravatogh, Ch.7 Imperial vendor outside Steyliff Grove
A polearm with ice in its blade. Foes vulnerable to the cold best beware.
Wyvern Lance
(Flying Dragon Lance)
1614+50% damage in mid-airBuy: 5000
Sell: 2500
Find: Crestholm Channels (Map), Pitioss Ruins
Shop: Altissia, Cartanica, Tenebrae, Zegnautus Keep
A polearm said to have been the favored weapon of dragoons. It inflicts heavy damage when airborne.
Drain Lance III
1954Max MP: +11
Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy
Buy: —
Sell: 0
Upgrade: Give Drain Lance II to Cid with Coeurl Whiskers
The most powerful version of a unique polearm crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.
Patch notes: Was made sellable in Patch 1.03.
Radiant Lance
(Glow Lance)
2054Light-elementalBuy: 10000
Sell: 5000
Find: Costlemark Tower (first treasure in the dungeon; Map), Pitioss Ruins
Shop: Meldacio Hunter HQ, Ch.14: Hammerhead, Kingsglaive Base Camp (Windows/Royal Edition)
A polearm infused with holy light. It is deadly when used against daemons, who fear all that is sacred.
Dragoon Lance
2464Fire Resistance: 15%
Ice Resistance: 14%
Lightning Resistance: 16%
Buy: —
Sell: 6000
Find: Ch.15: Northwest of Coernix Station - Cauthess (Map)
Reward: Dreadful Legend (Randolph)
Made from the elementally resistant scales of dragons, this polearm protects its wielder by mitigating damage from fire, ice, and lightning.
Precision Lance
(Precise Lance)
2664+10% Critical RateBuy: —
Sell: 7500
Find: Ch.15: Daurell Caverns maze
Reward: Totomostro minigame
A polearm designed to help its wielder target an enemy's weak spot. Increases the odds of landing a critical hit.
(Fang Tian Hua Ji)
3374Finishers deal +80% damageBuy: —
Sell: 10000
Find: Ch.15: Steyliff Grove maze
A mysterious weapon of unknown origins, it finishes off a flurry of attacks with a devastating coup de grâce.
Gae Bolg
754+44% damage when using warp-strikesBuy: —
Sell: —
Download: Pre-order bonus, Weapon: Gae Bolg (FFXIV) DLC
A famed weapon whose full potential went long untapped. It inflicts heavy damaged when used to warp-strike.


Some accessories are exclusive to Ignis.

Friendship Band
(Friendship Misanga)
Increases link-strike activation radiusBuy: —
Sell: 0
Find: Balouve Mines, Greyshire Glacial Grotto, Crestholm Channels (player must be Lv.35+ for it to appear)
An accessory that can be worn by Noctis's friends. Wearers can unleash link strikes even over great distances.
The Good Chamberlain
(Basics of a Chamberlain)
Ignis will attempt to run over and heal the party leader, including himself, when their HP falls to half, assuming there are no obstructionsBuy: —
Sell: 0
Find: Costlemark Tower (after dropping down to a lower floor twice from where Thieves' Way was found, find at a dead end; Map), Ch.15: Fociaugh Hollow maze
An accessory exclusively for Ignis. Automatically uses hi-potion when the player-controlled character's HP falls to half.
The Grand Chamberlain
(Basics of a Grand Chamberlain)
Ignis will attempt to run over and heal the party leader, including himself, when their HP falls to half, assuming there are no obstructionsBuy: —
Sell: 0
Find: Ch.15: Fociaugh Hollow maze
An accessory exclusively for Ignis. Automatically uses an elixir when the player-controlled character's maximum HP falls to half.
The Wanderer's TalismanMax HP +10; Max MP +10; HP Recovery Rate +10%; Strength +10; Vitality +10; Magic +10; Spirit +10; Shot Res. +10%; Fire Res. +10%; Ice Res. +10%; Lightning Res. +10%; Dark Res. +10%; Increases growth rate of total clarity gaugeBuy: —
Sell: 0
Reward: Chapter 14 quest A Glaive out of Time. Only one available
Download: Exclusive to Final Fantasy XV Royal/Windows Edition
Amulet infused with the power of the Lucii. Accelerates the rate at which Ignis gains total clarity.


Crownsguard Fatigues
(Royal Guard Unit Combat Uniform)
Ignis-Crownsguard-Attire-FFXVMax HP +20%Default
The battle garb of the Crownsguard. Designed to protect the wearer and increase their health.
Crownsguard Fatigues (No Jacket)
(Royal Guard Unit Combat Uniform (No Jacket))
Ignis-Crownsguard-NoJacket-FFXVStrength +20%; Magic +20%Default
The battle garb of the Crownsguard, without the jacket. Designed to boost the wearer's strength in combat.
Casual OutfitIgnis-Casual-Attire-FFXVImmune to Enfeebled, Disenchanted, Burnt, Frozen, ShockedDefault
Simple, casual clothes. Designed to reduce against stat-reducing status ailments.
Casual Outfit (No Jacket)Ignis-Casual-NoJacket-FFXVCritical Rate +20%Default
Simple, casual clothes, without the jacket. Allows the wearer to move freely and land critical hits more easily.
Kingsglaive Garb
(The King's Swords Clothing)
Ignis-Kingsglaive-Attire-FFXVVitality +30%; Spirit +30%Main Quest: Reunion and Recovery
Clothes worn by the Kingsglaive. The inner lining defends against physical blows and invigorates the wearer's spirit.
Kingsglaive Garb (No Jacket)
(The King's Swords Clothing (No Jacket))
Ignis-Kingsglaive-NoJacket-FFXVHP Recovery Rate +6%Main Quest: Reunion and Recovery
Clothes worn by the Kingsglaive, minus the jacket. Allows the wearer to move freely and recover their strength faster.
Thermal Suit
(Heat-Resistant Protective Clothing)
Ignis-Thermal-Suit-FFXVMax HP +20%; Immune to Burnt; Immune to Fire elemental damageOnly during A Precious Source of Power (main quest) and hunts occurring inside the power plant. Permanently unlocked when picked up from outside the power station in Chapter 15
An extra thick, heat-resistant suit specially designed to increase the wearer's health and provide protection from fire.
Magitek Exosuit
(Magitek Invincible)
Magitek-Exosuit-Attire-Ignis-FFXVMakes the wearer invincible for a time. For mechanics, see here.Added in patch 1.13
A special suit recovered and repurposed by Cid. Uses magitek energy to generate a barrier that wards the wearer from harm.
Crownsguard CasualCrownsguard-Casual-Attire-FFXV-DLCStrength +30%Complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis
The battle garb of the Crownsguard, now drenched and disheveled after a series of harrowing events in Altissia. Boosts strength.
Patch notes: Ignis's hairstyle was initially bugged and the same as in his regular model. This was fixed in patch 1.21. The hair doesn't change in Chapter 14.
Unkempt CrownsguardUnkempt-Crownsguard-Attire-FFXVStrength +35%Complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis
Drenched and disheveled set of Crownsguard fatigues. Heightens the wearer's awareness in times of crisis and enhances their strength.
Patch notes: Added in patch 1.24. The hair doesn't change in Chapter 14. Has shader and transparency issues.
Medjay Assassin's RobeMedjay-Assassins-Robe-Ignis-FFXVImmune to Instant DeathAvailable since the start of the game (originally obtained from the Assassin's Festival)
Designed to improve mobility, these robes protect the wearer from sudden death.
Glamour Prism: ElezenGlamour Prism Elezen Ignis from FFXVVitality +24%; Spirit +50%Complete Adventurer from Another World
A small crystal with an image of Elezen garments sealed inside. Enhances vitality and spirit.
Patch notes: Added in patch 1.27


Final Trial battle Ignis daggers from FFXV

Ignis in the Final Trial.

Ignis can be fought against at campsites as a form of training. The player can scan him in Wait Mode to discover his weaknesses. He first teams with Gladiolus on the level 17 training session, and returns to the "Vs. Everyone" and "Final Trial" sessions where the player must fight all three party members at once. Ignis should be defeated first, as he heals the others with items.



Ignis comes up with a new recipe.

Ignis cooks for the party at campsites, apart from Chapter 10 when the player can only have canned food or cup noodles. In Chapter 14, storywise, Ignis cooks one final time. The only way to gain benefits from meals from this point on is to travel to the past, buy food or set up camp, and then return to the present. Ignis learns new recipes from collecting ingredients, trying new food at restaurants, from cook books that can be bought from shops, Oric's Culinary Chronicles and Orienteering Checkpoint series, and from magazines found in the wild, and from seeing new food on signs and NPCs eating. Food eaten at camp provides various buffs whose duration can be extended via the Ascension Grid.

Ignis's Cooking skill levels up the more he cooks, earning him even more recipes. Leveling up his cooking the first time earns the Cooking Rookie achievement/trophy. Maxing it out yields Cooking Expert.

Ignis Cooking Levels from FFXV

Ignis's cooking levels.

A fast and cheap method to level up Ignis's Cooking skill is to buy Luncheon Meat from the general store in Lestallum (50+ is enough to max out his Cooking) to cook Mystery Meat Sushi. After camping the player can immediately camp again and cook the same meal. Doing this will max out Ignis's Cooking skill in about twenty minutes.

Another fast and relatively cheap method is to have Noctis fish heavy fishes that can be used to make food with another cheap ingredient, such as garlic. This process may take a bit longer, but will enable the player to maximize Noctis's and Ignis's fishing and cooking skills respectively much faster than doing them separately, since the dishes made from these fishes build up Ignis's cooking skills rapidly.


Out of the group, Ignis has the strongest tastes. Many of his favorites reflect his pursuit of culinary perfection, from a whipped chiffon cake to seafood dishes, to even recreating the original Kenny Crow's salmon. To obtain his favorite dishes requires the player to improve Ignis's cooking skills. Eating Ignis's favorites at camp empowers his Techniques.

NameIngredientsEffectsSPFavorite ofUnlock
Breaded Cutlet with Tomato
(Healthy Cutlet with Tomato Sauce)
Breaded Cutlet with Tomato
Anak Meat
Lucian Tomato
Attack Boost (Level 6): Strength +60
HP Boost (Level 5): Max HP +250
50IgnisCooking skill lv. 4
Fluffy Chiffon Cake
(Warm Fluffy Chiffon Cake)
Fluffy Chiffon Cake
Leiden Sweet Potato
Cleigne Wheat
Defense Boost (Level 20): Vitality +200
Spirit Boost (Level 20): Spirit +200
HP Boost (Level 20): Max HP +1000
60IgnisCooking skill lv. 6
Fisherman's Favorite Paella
(Original Recipe Seafood Risotto)
Fisherman's Favorite Paella
Cleigne Mollusk
Caem Pinkshrimp
Saxham Rice
Attack Boost (Level 12): Strength +120
HP Boost (Level 12): Max HP +600
Regen Boost (Level 1): HP Recovery Rate +25%
70IgnisEat Sea's Bounty Risotto at Mother of Pearl (Galdin Quay)
Tomalley-Filled Dumplings
(Crab Miso Xiaolongbao)
Tomalley-Filled Dumplings
Shieldshears Claw
Fine Cleigne Wheat
Attack Boost (Level 10): Strength +100
Magic Boost (Level 20): Magic +200
HP Boost (Level 6): Max HP +300
?IgnisRead Oric's Culinary Chronicle | Entry 5 on a bench west of the Crow's Nest in Old Lestallum
Patch notes: Added in 1.02
Kenny's Original Recipe
(Kenny's Delivery)
Kenny's Original Recipe
Nebula Salmon Fillet
Attack Boost (Level 15): Strength +150
Defense Boost (Level 20): Vitality +200
?IgnisPurchase Kenny's Salmon at any Crow's Nest Diner
Patch notes: Added in 1.02
Horntooth Meat Pie
(Tusk and Horn Big Game Meat Pie)
Horntooth Meat Pie
Garulessa Steak
Dualhorn Steak
Cleigne Wheat
Attack Boost (Level 16): Strength +160
Magic Boost (Level 16): Magic +160
HP Boost (Level 12): Max HP +600
?IgnisObserve a woman eating Horntooth Meat Pie outside Parvinath General Store at Meldacio Hunter HQ
Patch notes: Added in 1.02
Feast of the Divine
Zu Tender
Wennath Salmon Fillet
Eos Green Peas
HP Boost (Level 60): Max HP +3000
Frostproof (Level 10): Ice Resistance +100%
Resilient: Immune to all status ailments besides Instant Death
(Gentiana cooks it in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades)
Patch notes: Comrades guest-cooked recipes were added in patch 1.18, but after Comrades became a standalone title in patch 1.27, the recipes from it were made available in the base Final Fantasy XV

Downloadable contentEdit

Final Fantasy XV: Episode IgnisEdit

The player takes control of Ignis, using the same mechanics as his character swap in the normal game.

In the first chapter of the episode, Ignis has a hook arm he can use to "warp", similar to Noctis in the main game.


Quick Recipeh.

At the end of the DLC, Ignis will gain the power of the Ring of Lucii, dramatically enhancing his attack power. After finishing the episode, the player can fight Noctis as Ignis in a "Friendly Match".

Final Fantasy XV: ComradesEdit

Ignis can be fought as an opponent. Winning against him is tough as he uses elemental spells to damage the main player, and uses his walking cane to do a 9999 critical damage and it can instantly defeat the player.

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  • In the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo Ignis is the only one able to use magic with his Cure spell, which is not present in the main game. He could also use Venom Strike on enemies to poison them.
  • When Gladiolus is not in the party in Chapter 7 and Ignis creates a new recipe, his situational dialog with Gladiolus can still trigger, but only Ignis's lines will be heard.


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