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Igeyohrm is a character from Final Fantasy XIV, and one of the Ascian overlords. Though briefly seen during the events of A Realm Reborn, she doesn't have significant story involvement until Heavensward.



Though female, Igeyorhm, appears not that dissimilar to her fellow black-robed brothers. The only difference being the design of her red mask.


Much like her fellow black-robed brother, Lahabrea, Igeyorhm is confident, cold and like her fellow Ascians, she is devoted to her god, Zodiark.

However, much like Lahabrea, she is heavily arrogant, refusing to accept or believe in defeat, like how she was unable to understand her own defeat at the hands of the Warrior of Light. This ultimately would lead to her downfall.



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Igeyorhm is first seen in the epilogue of A Realm Reborn, as one of the ascian overlords.

Igeyorhm later gets a more prominent role in Heavensward, watching the Warrior of Light defeat the primal Ravana. She is seen again in the company of Archbishop Thordan VII after the fall of Bismarck, where she notes the Blessing of Light has been regained at weaker intensity. Using a dark energy beam, she forces the Warrior of Light to relinquish the key to Azys Lla, enabling the archbishop to open the way to the forbidden continent.

XIV Ascian Prime

Ascian Prime

At the bottom of the Aetherochemical Research Facility, Igeyorhm and Lahabrea confront the Warrior of Light. After both are overwhelmed by the Warrior of Light's increased strength and fully reactivated Blessing, they resort to fusing into an Ascian Prime. But the Ascian Prime is defeated and separates with Igeyorhm suggesting to Lahabrea that they should flee. But before she could escape, the Warrior of Light traps Igeyorhm in a shard of White Auracite before using the immense powers of the Eye of Nidhogg to shatter the crystal, destroying Igeyohrm for good.

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Igeyohrm and Lahabrea are fought as the penultimate boss of Heavensward, at the end of the Aetherochemical Research Facility. After both are reduced to half health, they fuse into the powerful Ascian Prime.

Musical themesEdit

Igeyohrm's appearances are all accompanied by "Without Shadow".


"Igeyohrm" refers to the light scion "Martyr Igeyohrm" referred to in the profile of Shemhazai from Final Fantasy XII. The glyph that appears when Igeyohrm is channeling magic is almost identical to the bottom portion of Shemhazai's, only inverted.