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For the glory of Lord Zodiark.


Igeyorhm is an antagonist from Final Fantasy XIV, and one of the Ascian overlords. Though briefly seen during the events of A Realm Reborn, she doesn't have significant story involvement until Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.


In the Thirteenth, Igeyorhm's victory over the inexperienced Bringer of Light flooded the world in darkness and rendered it a nigh-empty void. The Ascians deemed the Thirteenth unable to be rejoined with the Source, as its surviving denizens transformed into voidsent. Igeyorhm sought to redeem herself by aiding Lahabrea in preparing the Source for their agenda.[1]

Igeyorhm watched the Warrior of Light defeat the primal Ravana, and appeared in the company of Archbishop Thordan VII after the fall of Bismarck, where she noted the Blessing of Light had been regained at weaker intensity. Using a dark energy beam, she forced the Warrior of Light to relinquish the key to Azys Lla, enabling the archbishop to open the way to the forbidden continent.

Tell me: why do you despise the primals so? They are the embodiment of mortal will—of mortal desire. Plainly, you desire a foe to despise. And 'tis well that you do, for it is from the vortex of ceaseless conflict that Lord Zodiark shall be reborn.


Ascian Prime

Igeyorhm and Lahabrea confronted the Warrior of Light at the bottom of the Aetherochemical Research Facility. After being overwhelmed by the Warrior's strength and fully reactivated Blessing, they fused into an Ascian Prime who was defeated and separated, with Igeyorhm suggesting they flee. The Warrior of Light trapped her in a shard of White Auracite before using the immense powers of the Eye of Nidhogg to shatter the crystal, destroying Igeyohrm for good.


In Amaurot's Convocation of Fourteen, the position of Igeyorhm was given to the champion of enlightenment and rhetoric.


Igeyohrm dresses similar to her black-robed brethren, albeit with a different design on her red mask.

She has the same hairstyle as Lightning from the Final Fantasy XIII series.


Much like Lahabrea, Igeyorhm is confident and cold, and like her fellow Ascians, she is devoted to her god, Zodiark. She is arrogant, refusing to accept or believe in defeat.


Igeyorhm and Lahabrea are fought as the penultimate boss of Heavensward, at the end of the Aetherochemical Research Facility. After reduced to half health, they fuse into the powerful Ascian Prime.

Igeyorhm's Shade appears as an add along with Lahabrea's Shade in The Minstrel's Ballad: Hades's Elegy, during the second part of the second phase. They repeat the same mechanics seen in the Aetherochemical Research Facility. Upon being defeated, they fuse into Ascian Prime's Shade.

Musical themes[]

Igeyorhm's appearances are accompanied by "Without Shadow".



"Igeyohrm" refers to the light scion "Martyr Igeyohrm" referred to in the profile of Shemhazai from Final Fantasy XII. The glyph that appears when Igeyohrm is channeling magic is almost identical to the bottom portion of Shemhazai's, only inverted.


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