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One of the Pleiad's seven. His powerful flames eradicate all foes. Famous among even the laziest of the FF faithful, since he usually shows up early in the story.
★SUI GENERIS: This unique soul belongs to Ifrit from the main story.

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Ifrit★ is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


The Nether NebulaEdit

Intervention Quest Edit

The Coliseum Edit

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Location Formation
The Nether Nebula - Cavern 4 Ifrit★
Intervention Quest - Underdog Day Ifrit★
The Coliseum - The Nebula Nitwits Shiva★, Ifrit★
The Coliseum - Hot Temper, Warm Heart Ifrit★
The Coliseum - Consecutive Boss Battles 1 *(Maxima only) Ramuh★, Ifrit★, Shiva★ *(Battle 5)

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