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Iflyte is an enemy type from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It attacks with its scimitar and with fire. The creature has three phases. The first phase has it kneeling with its single eye relaxed and smirking. In the second phase its eye is opened wide and it is baring its fangs. The third phase has it shrunk down and leaping while white smoke is congregated near its lower half, while raising its cutlass.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Its English name comes from the Iflyte enemy from Final Fantasy Adventure, which itself is a mistranslation of Ifrit (イフリート, Ifurīto?). In Arabian mythology, Ifrit (also spelled Efreet or Afreet, from Arabic عفريت Ifrīt), is the name given to a class of Jinn (Demons also known as Djinn, Djinni, and Genie) that embody fire. Though they could live for thousands of years, they were not immortal, and if cut, they would "bleed" the fire running through their veins until it consumed their bodies.

Its Japanese name is Cyclops. In Greek mythology, cyclopes (the plural form of cyclops) is a race of giants, having but a single round eye on their forehead. They were said to be children of other mythological beings, such as the gods, nymphs, and even the Earth itself. Skilled blacksmiths, the cyclopes sometimes made weapons for the gods, most famous of these being the thunderbolts of Zeus.

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