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Icicle Ridge is a dungeon located in the Ice Region of Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy.


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Name Location Image
Phoenix Down x2 Slip 1
Potion x3 Slip 1
Blizzard Seed Slip 1
Wobblestopper x3 Slip 2
Squishsparkly Slip 2
Defense+ Mirajewel Slip 2
Elixir Slip 3
Ether x3 Slip 4
Key items


White Nakks become imprismable only after Grandfenrir has been defeated.

Slip 1
Slip 2
  • White Nakk (x2) (one-time field encounter)
  • Right Claw Stack (Right Claw, Deathskull, Ice Bat)
  • White Nakk (x3) (one-time field encounter)
  • Babyhemoth (x2)
  • Babyhemoth, Babyhemoth Stack (Babyhemoth, Baby Paleberry)
Slip 3
  • Ice Bat (x3), Deathskull (x2)
  • Right Claw Stack (Right Claw, Deathskull, Ice Bat)
  • Deathskull Stack (Deathskull, Baby Paleberry) (x2)
Slip 4
  • Babyhemoth, Babyhemoth Stack (Babyhemoth, Quachacho)
  • Quachacho (x5)
  • Ice Bat (x5)
  • White Nakk (x4), Grandfenrir (Boss)
  • Babyhemoth Stack (Babyhemoth, White Nakk) (x3) (after defeating boss)
  • White Nakk (x4) (after defeating boss)
  • Mini Flan (x6) (level 15/65 (Nightmare difficulty) Murkrift)
Secret Slip

The Secret Slip is accessible by dropping the upper platform onto the second sliding puzzle area via a puzzle switch. The switch requires Mirages with a combined weight of 11 or more and 100 or more Earth resistance.

Slip ? ? ?
  • Baby Paleberry (x2), Babyhemoth Stack (Babyhemoth, Baby Paleberry)
  • White Nakk (x4)
  • Right Claw Stack (Right Claw, Deathskull, Ice Bat), Left Claw Stack (Left Claw, Deathskull, Ice Bat)
  • Babyhemoth Stack (Babyhemoth, White Nakk) (x3)
  • Babyhemoth Stack (Babyhemoth, Quachacho) (x3)
  • Kyubi (Boss)

Musical themes Edit

"Labyrinth of Ice" is the background theme that plays in Icicle Ridge.



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