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Ichorous Ire is the second boss of Copperbell Mines.

Strategy Edit

Ichorous Ire is practically impossible to defeat by conventional means, as it has 941,060 combined HP between its 15 different forms, a total far exceeding anything players have seen at this level (roughly 78 times greater than Gyges the Great, the final boss of Copperbell). Even though its damage output is low, as it has no abilities, it is highly likely the timer on the dungeon would run out before players could bring down its massive HP.

Luckily, unconventional means can be found in the Improved Blasting Device found in the room. When activated, a Blasting Cap will spawn. After a few seconds, the Blasting Cap will Self-Destruct, which deals 50% of max HP's worth of damage to both players and Ichorous Ire. While players should obviously avoid getting hit by the bomb themselves, the tank should try to keep the slow moving boss inside the blast radius.

Once hit by the bomb, the boss will split into two weaker forms that unfortunately still have massive HP. At this point the process is simply repeated until the boss has split down into four, and finally eight pieces. These smallest slimes have a pitiful 110 HP and can be quickly killed.

It is very important to communicate to the party that the Blasting Caps are NOT to be killed, as they are the only means of taking down the boss. Instead, DPS should be focused on the Spriggan Quenchers that will start spawning to attack the Blasting Caps after the first split.

Etymology Edit

Classical mythology ichor is an ethereal fluid flowing in the veins of the gods. In pathology ichor is an acrid, watery discharge, as from an ulcer or wound.

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