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Ice Gloves FFII Art

Artwork from Final Fantasy II.

Ice-encrusted gloves resistant to fire.

Final Fantasy II description

Ice Gloves (氷の小手 or こおりのこて, Kōri no Kote or Koori no Kote?, lit. Ice Handguard), also known as NulTide Armlet, is a recurring armor in the series. It generally increases resistance to Fire-elemental damage.


Final Fantasy IIEdit

Ice Gloves is a high-ranked glove that provides 20 Defense, -22% Evasion, 5% Magic Defense, -80 Intelligence/Spirit, and resistance to Fire-elemental damage. It can be found as treasure at Mysidian Tower.

Final Fantasy XEdit

NulTide Armlet is an armor for Kimahri, obtainable if the dominant ability on any armlet is SOS NulTide.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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