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Artwork from Final Fantasy II.

Ice-encrusted gloves resistant to fire.

Final Fantasy II description

Ice Gloves (氷の小手 or こおりのこて, Kōri no Kote or Koori no Kote?, lit. Ice Handguard), also known as NulTide Armlet, is a recurring armor in the series. It generally increases resistance to Fire-elemental damage.


Final Fantasy II[]

Ice Gloves is a high-ranked glove that provides 20 Defense, -22% Evasion, 5% Magic Defense, -80 Intelligence/Spirit, and resistance to Fire-elemental damage. It can be found as treasure at Mysidian Tower.

Final Fantasy X[]

NulTide Armlet is an armor for Kimahri, obtainable if the dominant ability on any armlet is SOS NulTide.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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