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==List of enemies==
==List of enemies==
*[[Ice Bomb (Type-0 enemy)|Ice Bomb]]
*[[Ice Bomb (Type-0 enemy)|Ice Bomb]]
*[[Cryonade (Type-0)|Cryonade]]
*[[Krysta (Type-0)|Krysta]]
*[[Krysta (Type-0)|Krysta]]

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Ice Bomb (アイスボム, Aisu Bomu?, lit. Ice Bomb) is an enemy family in Final Fantasy Type-0. It has three variants and three enemies.

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Template:See Also The cyrogenic cluster absorbs all Ice Magic and converts it into energy. Much like its pyric cousin, the ice bomb self-destructs after it reaches critical mass—and similarly signals when it is about to explode. The royal army has found a way to harness the ice bombs' power and employ the creatures (known in Concordia as "cyronades") as living turrets.

In recent years, rumors have surfaced regarding a larger subspecies dubbed the "krysta," but none have been able to provide proof of its existence—presumably because all subjects disappear in arctic explosions before eyewitnesses can snap a photograph.

List of enemies

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