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Ice Bomb is a common enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought at night and in caves, and during the Cool Callatein Mist hunt. They can also be spawned by cryonades.

Bomber: Ice Bomb fishing lure is fashioned after this enemy.


Frostburnt daemon that thrives in the thermal extremes opposite its fiery relative, savoring the chill in the night air. Its low-temperature temperament does not prevent it from losing its cool and detonating.
Size: 3.11 ft. Weight: 504.6 lb.
A cold wind blows outside Greyshire Grotto as a cryogenic horde congeals around Callatein's Plunge.
Size: 3.15 ft. Weight: 510.1 lb.
Species born from the frozen ashes of a crynoade explosion. It exhibits the peculiar metamorphosing characteristic of bomb daemons, a phenomenon yet to be explained by science.
Size: 3.18 ft. Weight: 514.3 lb.


Cool Callatein MistLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Ice Bomb x5Callatein's Plunge (Nighttime)223,380 gil, Megalixir★★


Level 22 enemy


Level 49 enemy


Ice bomb uses ice-elemental magical attacks capable of inflicting Frozen status. They are weak to fire-elemental attacks, as well as one-handed swords and daggers. The ice bombs spawned by exploded cryonades die when the cryonade that summoned them is defeated. Ice bombs grow when not being attacked, and at their peak explode to deal area damage.

The official guide erroneously lists bomb-type enemies as dropping elemental protection accessories rather than car paint pigment materials. The guide also says they take 4x fire damage whereas the in-game bestiary says 3x.


The player should aim to kill bomb-type enemies quickly before they detonate. If the bombs were spawned by a cryonade, the player should target the cryonade. Daggers tend to be good weapons against bomb types, as they attack fast.

Fire attacks work well, and the player can engulf groups of ice bombs with elemancy. Character-swapping to Ignis allows the use of elemental dagger attacks, and Ignis also learns a Technique that imbues Noctis's weapon with the element the target is weak against. Prompto's Tundra Attire protects against ice-elemental attacks. Other means of ice protection are Warm Inners and Ice Crest accessories, the ice bomb itself dropping the latter. Equipping for elevated Spirit makes the party take less damage from bombs' attacks, which are magical.


A bomb is an explosive weapon that uses the exothermic reaction of an explosive material to provide an extremely sudden and violent release of energy.

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