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Ice Azer is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII that accompanies the Esper Mateus during its boss battle. Five Ice Azers spawn around Mateus as the battle begins. They resemble Ice Elementals, but are weaker.

Five Ice Azers are also fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode at Stage 16 alongside Mateus.

Bestiary entry Edit

Note: Shares bestiary entry with Ice Elemental.

Page 1: Observations Edit

Being an elemental of ice from the freezing blizzards of the North. The coming of such beings is perceived differently by the various peoples of Ivalice: to some, it is a holy thing, blessed and ephemeral as the passing of seasons; to others, it is the harbinger of hard times. As a matter of fact, cold spells do visit the places where ice elementals gather, but research into the precise nature of their relationship with the weather is frozen, so to speak, no new discoveries having been made in years.


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AI scriptEdit

CuragaUse on Mateus when his HP <50% (25%)
BlizzardUse when some party members are far (50%)
SleepUse on caster when magick-casting detected (50%)


Eliminating the Ice Azers before working on Mateus is a good way to start, although at level 30–33 they will only do about 10–30 damage, so it is not necessary to destroy them. If left alone, they will heal Mateus, however. Equipping the Dawn Shard yields a wall of 0 damage from the Azers. One should be wary of using area-of-effect magick to eliminate the Ice Azers, as Mateus has Reflect, and hitting him by accident could KO the caster.

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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF IceAzer
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Mateus &amp; Ice Azer FFXII
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Etymology Edit

The azer is a dwarf-like outsider in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. In the third edition of the game, azers originate on the Elemental Plane of Fire.


  • The Original Japanese Guidebook cites the Ice Azers' MP as being 1800, but subsequent guides list it as 999.

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