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Unleash an attack that hits all enemies in an instant.


Iainuki, also known as Fdraw, is a Samurai command ability in Final Fantasy V. Taking two turns to use (with one spent charging), the user sweeps across the screen, hitting all enemies with instant death bypassing enemies' Death immunity. Though the ability will never work on Heavy-type enemies, it is nonetheless a potent skill and can end most normal battles. Unlike some other instant death skills, Iainuki does not heal undead enemies to full health.


Iainuki is not innate to Samurai, and must be learned for a hefty APB cost. It is learned upon mastering the Samurai at job level 5, for a total of 820 AP (540 from level 4).


If the target has shell, the Spell Hit% is halved. If the target is a toad, its Evade % is reduced to 0.

The game generates two random numbers between 0 and 99.

If N1 >= Hit%, the spell misses
If N2 < Evade%, the spell misses


Ianuki has a good chance of ending most normal battles. It cannot be used against most bosses or other Heavy-type enemies, but can help speed up level- or AP-grinding in certain instances. It can be used as a substitute to Odin, though it is less reliable.


Iaijutsu (居合術, "Re-sheath Techniques") is a Japanese quick-draw style, often involving a drawing strike from the sheath akin to battoujutsu, but is distinctively characterized by re-holstering the sword into its sheath right afterwards. It may be used aggressively to wage a premeditated surprise attack against an unsuspecting enemy and is also a counterattack-oriented art.

In fiction, iai is often characterized with extreme speed, as if both the drawing of the blade and re-sheathing of it are done in an instant.