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It's been several long days since Rikku bid farewell to Addy the Adamantoise, and still she searches the island for treasure. But every chest she opens turns out to be a mimic in disguise... Just when will she get her treasure?! Refusing to give up, she opens yet another chest...

Quest summary

I Hate Lightning! is an Intervention quest in World of Final Fantasy. It becomes available after clearing Chapter 10, meeting Rikku, and completing the quests, The Girl Who Forgot Her Name and Treasure Island, Ahoy!.


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Surrounded by downed Mimics, Rikku vents her frustration, wondering why the "trejjies" are playing hard to get. Noticing one more chest, she decides she's not going to give up. It reveals itself to be another Mimic, Rikku yelling abut how she knew it would be.

After the battle with the Mimic, lighting suddenly strikes to ground near Rikku. Screaming, she wonders how there could be lighting in perfect weather. A large, ornate Mimic appears, with Rikku wondering if it's the mama mimic? Realizing the all mimics must have been its idea, Rikku angrily declares she's going to rid the island of all the mimics and take it out as well.

After the battle, exhausted, Rikku tells the downed Mimic Queen that it was a cheap shot throwing all those thunderbolts at her, thinking she was a goner. Thinking she can now grab all the treasure, she looks around at all the downed mimics and angrily notices that there isn't any around. She then perks up a little after realizing that, with all of the mimics gone, any chest she finds now will be the real deal. She looks up, and thanks whoever it was out there for giving her a hand. She then spots an unopened treasure chest.

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The quest contains 2 separate battles. First battle is against a Mimic, the second is against a Mimic Queen. First time completion of this quest rewards the Mimic Queen Memento and x1 Elixir with subsequent completions rewarding x2 Potion.