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I'llofii is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. She appeared during the Thaumaturge questline.


I'llofii showing a testament.

After the adventurer joins the Thaumaturgers' Guild, I'llofii is his first master in the Arrzaneth Ossuary. I'llofii shows a testament from a patron of the Ossuary, which contains an order of revenge should he die an unnatural death. I'llofii asks the adventurer to kill the billygoat responsible for the patron's death. After the adventurer returns, I'llofii comments that revenge orders cannot be made against members of the Order of Nald'thal.[1]

Later, Yayake asks the adventurer to assist I'llofii in investigating an accident that claimed the lives of several Order patrons with requests for revenge. The investigation reveals that another novice thamaturge was complicit in the murder. Although the law of the Order prevents an order of vengeance from being carried out against one of its own, I'llofii captures the thamaturge and proclaims that she has violated the laws of the Order and will therefore meet the justice of the Order.[2]




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