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Hyper Jump is Cid's second level 2 Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII. It is unlocked by killing 60 enemies with Cid. It deals 312 damage to all enemies with a 20% chance to cause Instant Death. Hyper Jump is reminiscent of the Dragoon job's Jump skills; though Final Fantasy VII does not feature a job system, Cid is commonly seen as a Dragoon-type character.


Cid learns Hyper Jump after felling 60 enemies. Any disposal means count toward this besides the enemy dying on its own from Poison. A good grinding place with an average of 4.4 relatively weak enemies per encounter is the large forest in the Nibel Area past Mt. Nibel, as it is the only area featuring an enemy formation containing six enemies (Battery Cap x6). The area is already available as soon as Cid joins the party. E.Skills that target groups are a fast way of clearing waves of enemies.


Hyper Jump is especially good against groups of enemies, dealing more damage than the preceding Level 1 Limit Dynamite. It is also stronger than Cid's second Level 2 Limit, Dragon, and so remains useful until Cid ranks to Limit Level 3. Hyper Jump is especially useful in random encounters in comparison to boss battles, as it damages groups and has a chance to inflict Instant Death, which bosses are immune to.