The Hypello are a race of amphibian creatures in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. The Hypello seem not to have grasped the common pronunciation in Spira, often lisping any words with an 'S', for example Shay (say) and Yesh (yes), converting some words into gibberish, for example Ebullibody (everybody), Inveshtitagating (investigating) Imposhibibble (impossible), as well as ending most of their sentences with a questioning tone. They are agile in the water, but are not so nimble on dry land, walking at a torpid pace.

According to Maechen, the Hypello have the potential to be good blitzball players because of their natural swimming proficiency, but because of their lackadaisical disposition they tend to not take part in competitive sports and past times. The Hypello are responsible for managing the shoopuf service across the Moonflow.

In Final Fantasy X-2, Tobli uses Hypello as his functional and promotional assistants. A Hypello, nicknamed Barkeep by the Gullwings, works behind the bar in the cabin of the Celsius and, much in the style of a true bartender, dispenses pieces of advice to several characters. The player can rest for free at his expense, and if done so once per chapter the player will view a scene in which Barkeep reveals his girlfriend, Darling (ダーリン, Dārin?). From then on, the player may rename any of the three animals used in the Gullwings' Trainer dressphere by speaking with the couple.

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  • The Hypellos' Japanese voice actor is Junichi Suwabe. The one female Hypello in Final Fantasy X-2 (Darling) is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi.[1]
  • The Hypello Potion is a Mix item in Final Fantasy X.
  • The Hypello have an accessory named after them in Final Fantasy X-2, known as the Shmooth Shailing. While it provides the same all-ailment blocking abilities of a Ribbon, it makes the character wearing it slow, referencing the Hypello's movement on land.
  • In Final Fantasy X, the Hypello in control of riding the shoopuf speaks with an impediment like that of the rest of the Hypello race. The subtitles therefore read "Ride ze shoopuf". If the player wishes to cross the Moonflow in Final Fantasy X-2, the subtitles have been changed to that of correct English language.

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