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Hyllfyr Faezmoensyn is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is the founder of the Marauders' Guild and leader of Bloody Executioners, the foremost of Limsa's three great pirate powers. Hyllfyr is known as the master of the corsairs and lord of the region's underworld. He is said to be the most respectable and most feared pirate in all of Limsa Lominsa.


Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

Hyllfyr was a rival of Bloefhis Bloefhiswyn, the penultimate captain of the League of Lost Bastards, and for many years the two were locked in a struggle for the upper hand.[1]

With the competition known as the Trident that would decide who would take the position of Admiral of Limsa Lominsa approaching, Rostnsthal steals a Kraken's Arms' register. Hyllfyr orders his men to bring Rostnsthal to him, but the only one who is found is the adventurer who has just become Rostnsthal's first mate. Hyllfyr is irritated and shouts an order for the men to do what they want with him and leaves the place. Later, the adventurer has a rematch against Moenskaet and hands over the stolen Kraken register to the Bloody Executioners.[2] Eventually the chair of admiral would pass to Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, the current leader of the League of Lost Bastards.

Since the establishment of the Maelstrom, Hyllfyr has openly refused to cooperate with Admiral Merlwyb when she outlawed piracy, going so far as to unite rebel crews to overthrow the Admiral. Due to the threats to the Admiral's life, an officer of the Maelstrom, Malin, planned to assassinate Hyllfyr and to this end forged a secret meeting between Merlwyb and Hyllfyr aboard the Braveheart, a Barracuda ship. The plan did not go as expected and a bloody battle took place on the galleys with Hyllfyr and Merlwyb being the only survivors of the massacre. As a result of the battle, Hyllfyr surrenders and accepts the government of the Admiral. This battle was eventually masked as a shipwreck and Hyllfyr signed Merlwyb's Galadion Accord.[3]

In recent years, the Executioners remain a powerful presence, having secured a privateering license from the Admiral to raid Garlean vessels. However, Hyllfyr himself has stepped aside due to his age and rumors began to swirl that Hyllfyr was stricken by an ailment of the lungs. With his retreat, several pirates fight to succeed Hyllfyr.[1]

His warship, the Astalicia, serves as a gathering place for brigands, cutthroats, and the purveyors of sundry other breeds of villainy. It was the place where the city-state's many pirate crews find new recruits to join their ranks.[4] His vessel, has not weighed anchor in some time. Nonetheless, such is his fearsome reputation that all Lominsan pirates keep watch for Hyllfyr's reappearance.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

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Hyllfyr in version 1.0.


Hyllfyr is a giant Roegadyn even amongst other Sea Wolves. With one hand, he wields a greataxe larger than many men could lift, and has won himself a name as the brutal lord of the pirates. He wears a Thick Haubergeon Thick Haubergeon, Mended Imperial Pot Helm Mended Imperial Pot Helm, Dated Canvas Kecks (Auburn) Dated Canvas Kecks (Auburn), and customs versions of Harlequin's Mitts Harlequin's Mitts and Cobalt-plated Caligae Cobalt-plated Caligae.


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His name means "Hell Fire, Son of Fat Moon" in the ancient Roegadyn tongue.[5]


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