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Hydro is a boss in Final Fantasy XII fought at entrance to the Pharos.

Bestiary entry[]

Page 1: Observations[]

Being an undead, kept in this world by sheer force of will long after its body has surrendered to corruption.
While the decay of its eyes has left it blind, it senses the energy of the living and strikes with deadly accuracy.
Though it cannot be known when the creature last breathed, from the state of its yellowed bones, one can only imagine that it has walked in unlife for several thousands of years.


AI script[]

BioUse all battle (5%)
CountdownHP >30% (5%)
ImmobilizegaHP >30% on far-away opponent who draws the most enmity (50%)
DarkraUse all battle (5%)
FeargaHP >30% used on opponent who casts magick 25%+ of the time (25%)
CurseHP >30%; use on the opponent who draws the least enmity (5%)
Crushing Fangs60% > HP > 30% (5%)
BileHP >30% (5%)
Sonic FangsHP >30% (5%)
LungeHP >30% (25%)
FireballHP >30% (5%)
Ignore EvadeWhen HP <60%
Normal Damage+When HP <60%
Attack CT0When HP <30%
Magick CT0When HP <30%


Hydro can inflict various status ailments and use Fearga, which causes the party to lose massive amounts of MP. It also uses Darkra, which deals moderate Dark damage. Hydro moves slowly and tends to pick one character off until they die. As it is an undead enemy, it is susceptible to healing magicks.


The party should dispel Hydro's Haste and then use Quickenings. It is good to have a supply of Phoenix Downs.

The player can exploit Hydro's movement by equipping a bait character with a gun and having them become Hydro's target, then running around to keep Hydro distracted. Esuna can be used to cure Immobilize.

Another strategy is to cast Reflect on the party, then bounce Cura or Curaja spells off of party members to hit Hydro multiple times.

The player can equip Black Masks to absorb Dark damage, which are available at Balfonheim Port.

This battle can be made easier by giving someone the Holy Lance or Excalibur and inflicting Berserk on them. Damage can be boosted further by also equipping the White Robes.

Hydro is susceptible to Slow and Oil. Exploiting the Nihopalaoa+Remedy trick will instantaneously inflict them to it. Firaga will now deal massive damage, but casting it would take time because Hydro is prone to use Fearga, and thus greatly reduce the party's MP. The player can equip Turtleshell Choker that lets the player use gil for casting magick rather than MP. Firaga can be boosted further by casting it with the Flame Staff.

The player can also summon an Esper. They are immune to status ailments and don't need MP to use their abilities.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Hydro- comes From Ancient Greek ὑδρο- (hudro-), that derives from ὕδωρ (húdōr) meaning "water".

The Hydra was one of the spawn of Echidna, a many-headed serpentine monstrosity in Ancient Greek mythology. It could breathe poison, and indeed its very blood was deadly. The Hydra was killed as one of Heracles's Twelve Labors.

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