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Hvitrormr is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in the Crestholm Channels maze and during the People-Eating Snake Has Got to Go hunt. It is a colossal snake.

They are fought alongside midgardsormrs in a Timed Quest on the 18th of a month, and defeating them yields 100 QP.


Snow-colored subspecies of midgardsormr holed up in the inner sanctum of the Crestholm Channels. It slithers through the sewers in search of prey, cooling its body in the water while not actively hunting for food.
Size: 114.33 ft. Weight: 48.03 t
Hvitrormr spotted around the Vesperpool. Eyewitness reports claim this specimen displayed excessive aggression while pursuing its prey. The hunter who saw this oversized snake postulated it may have wriggled its away over from the Crestholm Channels, but biologists have yet to prove this theory.
Size: 114.56 ft. Weight: 48.13 t
Hvitrormr that appeared in great number in the Maidenwater Basin. Much like the many midgardsormr discovered in the same area, this specimen exhibited surprisingly social tendencies toward its brethren, suggesting it may actually be a new species.
Size: 114.89 ft. Weight: 48.23 t


People-Eating Snake Has Got to GoMeldacio Hunter HQ9
Red Hunt Icon
Hvitrormr x1The Vesperpool (All Times)7836,070 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★★




Timed Quest


Hvitrormr is weak to greatswords, shields and ice and resists fire and light. It can inflict Poison. Hvitrormr can bury underground during which time it cannot be hurt. When it emerges it flies out and plops back down, dealing damage to those it hits. It can slowly wrap around the player, constricting them; waiting in the center as it is doing the attack opens a block and parry opportunity. When it holds its head high up the player needs to warp-strike it or use ranged attacks, and it can slam down its head to the ground to deal damage.


Unlocking Airdancing nodes in the Ascension Grid makes fighting the head easier as the player can stay airborne. Throwing ice magic at it is good, and Ignis can enchant the element to Noctis's weapon with a Technique.

Character-swapping to Prompto lets the player aim at it from afar, and perhaps stand on a type of ground the snake doesn't burrow in.



Hvtir is Old Norse for "white", Ormr is Old Norse for "serpent".

Its Japanese name is "Utgardsormr", likely based on the Midgardsormr (Midgard Serpent) but instead inhabiting Utgard.

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