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Hurrey is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. He appeared during the Pugilist questline.


Hurrey was a pugulist that Titinin sent to Limsa Lominsa to help the adventurer investigate the counterfeiting of chips on the Platinum Mirage. Following U'mallibo's tip, Hurrey and the adventurer raid The Misery, the ship of the Kraken's Arms to look for evidence of their counterfeiting operations. After finding the evidence, Hurrey asks the adventurer to flee the ship while he keeps the Kraken's Arms busy. After returning to the Platinum Mirage, the adventurer uses the power of the Echo on Hurrey and discovers that he was conspiring with the pirates about the forgeries.[1]

Eventually Hurrey is hired by Lewena as a bodyguard. Hurrey and the adventurer defend Lewena from a thaumaturge of the Arrzaneth Ossuary who carried a condemnation order for Lewena. After the confrontation, Lewena pays the thaumaturge six million gils in exchange for a special exception to avoid the condemnation. After spending all her resources, Lewena tells the adventurer to extend the payment period for her current debt until her husband returns from a trip.[2]




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Hurrey was an ally NPC in the Pugilist quest "Two Sides to Every Chip" in version 1.0.


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