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Aire and Jusqua in the Hunting Caves.

The Hunting Caves (狩場の洞窟, Kariba no Doukutsu?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. It is a very short cave passage located in the mountains north of Liberte, acting as a passageway to the city of Urbeth. Adventuring in the caves could be challenging since it is covered in darkness, so it is highly advised the player brings a Torch to brighten up the area.


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After leaving from Liberte, Jusqua travels through the Hunting Caves with a cat he believes is Aire in order to get to Urbeth, in hopes that the local sorcerer can lift the curse on her.

After the party is sent back in time, they arrive in Urbeth during the time Beelzebub sent out his plague. After discovering that Thauzand's daughter is infected with Beelzebub's plague and failing to buy a Hi-Elixir, Brandt and the others head to the Hunting Caves to find a Hi-Elixir. The party follows the Apothecary throughout the Hunting Caves, at the bottom floor they discover that the Apothecary was a monster serving Beelzebub. After defeating the monster, it drops a Hi-Elixir and the party takes it. Realizing that the town is being fooled, the party heads back to Urbeth.

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Item Location
Ether Chest located in the secret passage on B2F.
Thunder Axe Chest located on the west corner on B3F.
Hi-Ether Hidden in the bushes on B4F.


Musical themes[]

The typical dungeon theme, "Cave of Wraiths" (あやかしの洞, Ayakashi no hora?) is the location theme for the Hunting Caves. The track can be found in the original soundtrack as Track 9 and is composed by Naoshi Mizuta.