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The hunter Noel and his mentor, Caius.

Hunters supply the remaining human civilization with food in the future of the world in Final Fantasy XIII-2. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, some individuals on the Wildlands have adopted the lifestyle.


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After Cocoon falls in year 500 AF, the soil slowly decays and 200 years later, animals are the only remaining source for food. Many survive by becoming "hunters," living off the roaming monsters.

The Archylte Steppe has a nomad settlement where hunters live and hunt. They ride chocobos while fetching the game. When Serah and Noel arrive in this area, in an unknown time period, they find the hunters desperate for prey due to a paradox that is causing their normal food source, Flan, to be sucked away by a faeryl.

The hunters are initially suspicious of the two, but accept them once they learn that Noel is a hunter and the two complete a couple Fragment Quests to prove their skills. Serah and Noel resolve the paradox and earn the hunters' respect. According to one of the hunters, the tribe was formed by a group of former citizens of Cocoon who grew tired of having to rely on the fal'Cie and machines.

The day before Paddra Nsu-Yeul's birthday, Noel Kreiss, last of the Farseers and hunters, hunts a behemoth for the birthday party.

After the Chaos is unleashed, hunters establish a presence on Nova Chrysalia. The Jagd Village on the Wildlands is a village dedicated to those who have embraced the hunter lifestyle. During her quest to save the souls of the residents of Nova Chrysalia, Lightning aids some of the villagers, including a Hunter Hopeful and the Hunter Chieftain.

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  • "The Last Hunter", one of the main battle themes of Final Fantasy XIII-2, is associated with Noel and is a variation of "Noel's Theme." ""Noel's Theme ~Last Journey~" also refers to Noel as "the last hunter."