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Hunter command. Use your hunting skills to fight.


Hunt (狩り, Kari?) is the action ability for the Hunter in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Skill Equipment AP MP Power Range
Sonic Boom Cranequin 200 As Weapon 4
Uses weapon to create area-damage shockwave.
Oust Windslash Bow 200 As Weapon
Sweeps monsters from the field of battle.
Advice Twin Bow 100 1
Offer advice on tactics. Raises critical hit rate.
Aim: Vitals Fey Bow 300 As Weapon
Shot aimed at vital organs to cause status ailments.
Hunting Hunt Bow 300 As Weapon As Weapon
Felling blow delivered with style. Earns more JP.
Addle Master Bow 200 As Weapon
Addles monster. (Temporary loss of A and R-abilities)
Ultima Shot Seventh Heaven 999 60 As Weapon As Weapon
Hunting attack born from ultima magic.
Sidewinder Hades Bow 300 As Weapon As Weapon
Lashing attack. Deals heavy damage to monsters.
Capture Ranger Bow 200 As Weapon
Puts live monsters into the monster bank.


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