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Promotional artwork of various hunt Marks.

Hunts (モブリスト, Mobu Risuto?) are a series of sidequests in Final Fantasy XII where the player vanquishes particularly strong monsters that are usually causing trouble to the general public of a town or tribe, or sometimes a single person. The monsters being hunted are referred to as "Marks" and in some instances, "Elite Marks". In total, there are 45 hunts for the player to fell. NPCs join for certain hunts to assist the player's party.

Completing hunts is a good way to gain EXP and LP, and to earn various rewards, including new equipment and rare loot. If the player completes each hunt as soon as they become available, they may find the main story areas and bosses to be less of a challenge. However, many hunts can prove overly challenging for the portion of the game during which they first become available.


Hunt begins.

Hey there, boy. Got the low-down on any good marks to be huntin'? Haven't had a chance to check the board over in the Sandsea today.


Once the player obtains information of a Mark through a bill posted on a notice board in a town, or an Elite Mark from Montblanc, they must find the petitioner and speak with him or her to accept the Hunt. Next, the player must locate the Mark, according to hints or directions from the petitioner, and defeat it.

Some hunts require the player to complete additional tasks, such as giving acquired items to specific recipients. Upon completing the hunt, the player must report back to the petitioner, who gives out a reward. Every hunt has a specific reward, though it is not revealed until hunt completion.

Hunt board locations[]

Hunt board in Rabanastre.

Information on regular Marks is found on boards all throughout Ivalice. Each board has the same bills, so the player can see if any new hunts have been posted from any board in the world.


Hunt bills.

Marks' difficulty increases exponentially at each new rank. Inexperienced parties are best starting with the lower-ranked marks. The top rank marks at level VII are best challenged at character levels above 40. Marks usually excel in one attribute, e.g. defense, and usually have only one, rarely two, special skill/s, which can be somewhat devastating if simply ignored.

Elite Marks[]

Example of a bill (this one is for the Gil Snapper.)

Elite Marks are more dangerous than regular Marks of comparable rank. The bills for Elite Marks are given by Montblanc after Vaan joins Clan Centurio (by visiting the clan HQ in northern Rabanastre after the Rogue Tomato hunt). Even though Montblanc tells the player about the Elite Mark, in most cases he only acts as a mediator, so the player still has to talk to the actual petitioner to accept the hunt. Thus Montblanc's function is the same as that of a petition board.

Elite Marks usually have several high attributes and special skills. For example, the Rocktoise can double its current level multiple times during battle, and the Trickster, an oversized pure-white chocobo, turns invisible (though the player can still see its outlines when close enough) making the characters unable to target it until it turns visible again. Some, such as Gilgamesh, Shadowseer, and Yiazmat, even feature a "boss" HP bar.

Hunt order[]

The following list is for the hunts in the Zodiac versions of Final Fantasy XII (the Japan-exclusive International Zodiac Job System and The Zodiac Age versions). The number listed next to a hunt does not reflect the actual hunt number if the player is missing hunts in-between.


Hunt Rank Mark Minimum Clan Rank Requirement Reward
After first hunt assignment from Tomaj
01. Red & Rotten in the Desert I Rogue Tomato 300 gil, Potion x2, Teleport Stone
After the Lord Consul's parade
02. Wolf in the Waste I Thextera Moppet 500 gil, Headguard, Teleport Stone
03. Dalmasca's Desert Bloom I Flowering Cactoid Hedge Knight 500 gil, Potion x10
After Barheim Passage
04. Waterway Haunting I Wraith Hedge Knight 500 gil, Ether, Gauntlets
After Ba'Gamnan in Lhusu Mines
05. Marauder in the Mines I Nidhogg Hedge Knight 600 gil, Rose Corsage, Balaclava
After Ondore's Estate
06. Lost in the Pudding V White Mousse Vanguard 2,800 gil, Burning Bow
07. For Whom the Wyrm Tolls III Ring Wyrm Vanguard 200 gil, Moon Ring, Icebrand
08. A Scream from the Sky II Wyvern Lord Rear Guard 1,000 gil, Elfin Bow, Shell Shield
09. A Tingling Toast V Marilith Vanguard 2,000 gil, Serpent Eye, Teleport Stone x3
After obtaining Dawn Shard
10. The Defense of Ozmone Plain II Enkelados Rear Guard 1,100 gil, Elixir, Golden Amulet (as well as Remedy x2 from Lesina in Giza Plains)
11. A Ring in the Rain II Croakadile Rear Guard 1,200 gil, Serpent Rod, Teleport Stone
After obtaining Lente's Tear
12. The Dead Ought Sleep Forever II Ixtab Rear Guard 1,500 gil, Ether, Soul Powder
After visiting Mt Bur-Omisace
13. Befoulment of the Beast III Feral Retriever Vanguard 1,500gil, Hunting Crossbow
After defeating Judge Bergan
14. A Chase Through The Woods III Vorpal Bunny Vanguard 2,000 gil, Lightning Arrows, Gillie Boots
15. The Mine Flayer IV Mindflayer Headhunter 2,200 gil, Carmagnole
16. The Deserter's Revenge V Bloodwing Ward of Justice 2,400 gil, Stun Bombs, Vampyr Fang
17. Trouble in the Hills III Atomos Vanguard 1,800 gil, Gaia Rod, Platinum Shield
18. Adding Insult to Injury VI Roblon Brave Companion 3,100 gil, Giant's Helmet, Mythril
19. Rodeo to the Death IV Braegh Headhunter 1,700 gil, Caliper, Hi-Ether
After visiting Archades
20. Shelled Obstruction IV Darksteel Headhunter 3,000 gil, Lead Bolts, Adamantite
After Draklor Laboratory
21. Get My Stuff Back! V Vyraal Ward of Justice 3,500 gil, Halberd, Aegis Shield
22. Old Legends, Decaying Bonds V Lindwyrm Ward of Justice 4,200 gil, Minerva Bustier, Hi-Ether
23. The Things We Do... VI Overlord Brave Companion 3,500 gil, Hi-Ether x2, Teleport Stone
24. The Creature Collector VI Goliath Brave Companion 3,600 gil, Save the Queen, Einherjarium
25. Dead City Watch VI Deathscythe Brave Companion 2,800 gil, Hi-Ether x2, Soul of Thamasa
After the Strahl becomes available for free travel
26. Visitor on Deck VII Deathgaze Riskbreaker 5,400 gil, Elixir x2
27. The Child Snatcher VII Diabolos Brave Companion 2,600 gil, Demon Shield, Zeus Mace
28. The Black Sorcerer V Piscodaemon Ward of Justice 3,800 gil, Dark Shot, Scathe Mote
29. A Wild Stench VI Wild Malboro Riskbreaker 4,600 gil, Euclid's Sextant
30. Paying for the Past VI Catoblepas Brave Companion 3,200 gil, Volcano, Arctic Wind
31. Wyrm Wrath's Renewal VII Fafnir Riskbreaker 7,000 gil, Assassin's Arrows, Teleport Stone
Once Sky Fortress Bahamut appears
32. Who's The Strongest!? VII Pylraster Riskbreaker 8,000 gil, Grand Mace, Scathe Mote x2

Elite Marks[]

Hunt Rank Mark Minimum Clan Rank Requirement Reward
After Barheim Passage
33. Little Love on the Big Plains I Chickatrice, Cluckatrice Hedge Knight 1,000 gil, Amber Armlet, Rainbow Egg
34. The Cry of Its Power I Rocktoise Hedge Knight 1,200 gil, Hi-Potion, Survival Vest
After obtaining Dawn Shard
35. Crime and Punishment V Orthros Headhunter 3,800 gil, Horakhty's Flame, Unpurified Ether
36. Paradise Risen III Gil Snapper Vanguard 3,000 gil, Phobos Glaze
After visiting Mt Bur-Omisace
37. Paramina Run V Trickster Headhunter 4,800 gil, Deimos Clay
38. Antlion Infestation V Antlion Headhunter 4,300 gil, Bubble Belt, Sickle-Blade
After defeating Judge Bergan
39. Carrot Stalk VII Carrot Brave Companion 5,200 gil, Stink Bombs, Putrid Liquid
After Draklor Laboratory
40. Battle on the Big Bridge VII Gilgamesh, Enkidu Brave Companion 10,000 gil, Excalipur
41. Dark Rumor V Belito Headhunter 5,100 gil, Megalixir
After the Strahl becomes available for free travel
42. Truth Shrouded in Mist VII Behemoth King Riskbreaker 250 gil, Bacchus's Wine x2 (as well as 500,000 gil, Rod of Faith from the mountain that resembles a dragon's head at Mt Bur-Omisace, Temple Approach, once struck while Vaan is not equipped with any weapons)
Once Sky Fortress Bahamut appears
43. Fishy Dreams VI Ixion Riskbreaker 3,000 gil, Sapping Bolts, Ragnarok
44. God or Devil? VI Shadowseer, Pandaemonium, Slyt, Fenrir, Phoenix High Guardian 20,000 gil, Megalixir x2
45. Farewell to a Legend VIII Yiazmat Knight of the Round 30,000 gil, Godslayer's Badge

Unofficial Hunt[]

Taken up in the Tchita Uplands to defeat an unknown Mark. Does not appear in the Clan Primer: