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Hundlegs is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Duscae and during the Reclaiming Schier Heights hunt.

A pair of Lv.20 hundlegs fights in Duscae Deathmatch and All-Star Monster Mayhem in Totomostro under the team name Longstockings.


Large arthropod most commonly sighted in sticky swamps and forests. Though rather small in its incipient stages, the hundlegs multiplies in size as it develops, growing larger than most humans after a few years and continuing to grow until it dies.
Size: 17.84 ft. Weight: 453.7 lb.
Hundlegs that struggles to survive in an area low on sustenance. This specimen boasts incredible strength but is otherwise biologically identical to the common hundlegs.
Size: 18.11 ft. Weight: 461.6 lb.


Reclaiming Schier HeightsTaelpar Rest Area4
Red Hunt Icon.png
Redlegs x3, Hundlegs x4Schier Heights (All Times)376,220, Mega Phoenix★★★





Hundlegs appear in groups in the forests of Duscae during the daytime. They slither along the floor and "stand up" to slam their body on their opponents. They lunge to bite and may inflict Poison. They are weak to greatswords, machinery and ice. Some of their attacks can be blocked and parried.


Ice elemancy and Techniques that hit all are good against hundlegs, but they are weak enemies and the player will likely have dealt with many of them by the time the Tech bar has charged.


Hundlegs comes from a portmanteau between "hundred" and "legs," making a reference to the roots of the word Centipede and the species itself.

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