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Hullbreaker Isle is a Dungeon Dungeon from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, introduced in version 2.3. It is an island located in La Noscea.


Upon the Rhotano Sea, along the fringes of the island chain known as the Cieldalaes, there stretches an expanse of water perpetually covered in heavy mist. Hidden within this impenetrable shroud is Hullbreaker Isle, so named for having smashed innumerable hapless vessels into flotsam over the centuries. In the wake of the Calamity, however, it came to be that the mist would lift under certain conditions. On one such day, a merchantman sailed into the area to behold not only the isle itself, but also the wreck of the Haar, the flagship of the dread pirate Mistbeard. The discovery has rekindled interest in Mistbeard's legendary hoard, and treasure hunters the realm over are now scrambling to find passage to the elusive isle.

Duty description

The Hullbreaker Isle.



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