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A Hover is a transportation vehicle in Final Fantasy X and in Final Fantasy X-2. Machina hovers are sparse during the events of Final Fantasy X, but as the Eternal Calm begins hovers become widespread and have replaced chocobos as the primary source of transportation across Spira. Hovers can be seen along the Mi'ihen Highroad, Calm Lands, and Bikanel. They resemble airboats (boats with large fans on them to provide movement) used in the Everglades.

On the Highroad, hovers can take the player to Rin's Travel Agency, the North end (Luca), or South end (Mushroom Rock Road). The hover at the Calm Lands can take the player to the Macalania Woods entrance, the Mt. Gagazet entrance, the Travel Agency or to any other attraction.

It costs 200 gil to ride a hover on the Highroad and 10 credits at the Calm Lands. If the player rides the hover ten times they will receive a Discount Pass, which cuts the cost to 5 credits. After Episode Complete, the former manager of Argent Inc. will give the player a Free Pass, which allows the player to ride for free.

In Final Fantasy X-2, hovers are used to dig up ancient machina in Bikanel by the Al Bhed.