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House Bowen is an elite clan from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Their main importance is the Klesta subquest line, which involves leader of the clan Bowen's struggles with the Crushatrice. Afterwards, in another quest, they have another speed battle. If at any point in the game, the player completes the Veis, Assassin mission, they will have Veis as an extra member. They show up yet again during the Yellow Wings in Trouble quest, this time as enemies, as House Bowen were hired by a client to get their stuff back.

The player's clan, who is hired by the Yellow Wings as bodyguards, believes that they should be set free if they return the valuables, however, House Bowen disagrees and battles both clans with the Yellow Wings being the victor. The Yellow Wings return the goods to avoid House Bowen battling them again, since they know the player's clan will not aid them if they steal again. Bowen has a deep hatred for the Crushatrice, Klesta, because it killed his wife, Swordmaiden Friese.

House Bowen also makes appearances in the Loar Cup and the Jylland Cup.



  • Veis, Assassin
  • Throw Down
  • I Got a Bad Feeling
  • Showdown
  • Yellow Wings in Trouble
  • Rivalry of the Rupies
  • House Bowen
  • Thieves in the Ruins