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Hear me, Ramza. For generations, we Beoulves have stood foremost of those who serve the Crown. Ours is the soul of a knight. Become a knight worthy of your name. Tolerate no injustice. Stray not from the true path. You will know the path you must walk. A Beoulve can... can walk no other...

Barbaneth to Ramza

House Beoulve is a distinguished noble family who had served the Kingdom of Ivalice with loyalty and justice for generations, producing leaders of the Order of the Northern Sky, in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Barbaneth Beoulve had two trueborn sons, Dycedarg and Zalbaag Beoulve, with an unnamed wife. He also had two children, Ramza and Alma Beoulve, with an unnamed courtesan from the Lugrian family.


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According to Ultima, the High Seraph, it was a ancestor of the Beoulves that defeated her in times long past.[1]

The current House consists of Barbaneth Beoulve and his four children; three sons and a daughter. His eldest son is Dycedarg, a prominent war leader and confidant to Duke Larg. Next is Zalbaag, also a war leader. His other two children are from a different wife of the commoner Lugria family. Ramza is Barbaneth's third child, and the only girl, Alma, is the youngest.

House Beoulve has adopted Delita Heiral and Tietra Heiral, children of commoner lineage, into the family, and had given them the privilege of learning in aristocratic schools, such as Delita in the Akademy in Magick City of Gariland. Still, Delita and Tietra had to face the difficulties stemming from differences in rank and blood. Ramza and Alma supported their plight and had been their best friends since.

When Barbaneth dies he leaves his eldest son as heir to lead House Beoulve. During this time Ramza is but a fledgling cadet along with his childhood friend Delita. Dycedarg and Zalbaag participate in the War of the Lions by commanding the Order of the Northern Sky and siding with Duke Larg. Ramza becomes disgusted with his name after witnessing Tietra killed by Argath Thadalfus with backing from House Beoulve, and becomes a mercenary for hire. He eventually clashes with the interests of the nobles. Delita sides with Duke Goltana and the Church of Glabados in his own way to fight against the nobility. Ramza becomes branded a heretic by interfering with the affairs of the Church who had masterminded the war to gain power. Seeing Ramza in trouble, Alma sides with her brother and accompanies him, leaving the her oldest siblings behind.

Zalbaag learns Dycedarg murdered their father for his own ends. Zalbaag kills Dycedarg with Ramza's aid, but Dycedarg is possessed by the Lucavi demon Adrammelech, The Wroth and kills Zalbaag. Ramza prevails and kills him, killing Dycedarg as well.

With the two eldest siblings of the House perished, Ramza branded a heretic, and Alma sided with him—as well as both being declared dead after Ramza's party ventures opens the portal underneath Orbonne Monastery—it is unknown what happened to House Beoulve. It is likely the Beoulve name died or diminished greatly, but as Ramza and Alma did survive and traveled to other lands,[2] it is possible the Beoulve name may have survived, albeit in another region.

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