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We Amicitia are the king's sworn Shields. Guard the king with our lives—that's the way it's always been. I've embraced my duty. And I take pride in it. When you can't focus, I focus for you. It's my job, so let me do it, alright?


House Amicitia is a noble family with close ties to the royal family of Lucis in Final Fantasy XV. Its members traditionally lead the Crownsguard[1] and work as the Shield of the King. The house is associated with an eagle motif, the men tattooing it onto their bodies when they take up the mantle of the Shield. The tattoo is for male line of the Amicitia, and is the credential of the King's Shield rather than a family crest.[2] According to the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Carbuncle Comic 13, one theory for the origin of the Shield of the King's bird tattoo is to honor Enkidu, a close companion of Gilgamesh, the first Shield of the King.[3]

Jared Hester works as the chamberlain for House Amicitia.

Its members include:


Amicitia means "friendship" in Latin.