Hounds are bizarre creatures that seems to be on the borderline between living and dead, they strike terror at night. Though they clearly have an intact body compared to other undead such as skeletons, it is speculated that these dog-like animals are conjured up from black magic. In appearance they all share a black dirty hide on an emaciated frame, but they do vary in size from fairly small to frighteningly large. Most commonly found in tombs or areas frequented by other undead, they can appear in forests as well but only at night.

Capable of several breath attacks, a group of adventurers should take caution in avoiding the gaping maws of these hounds. Although susceptible to divine magic, they also have surprisingly low defense and can easily be dispatched by a focused group or grizzled veteran.

One positive note on the pursual of these undead dogs is the chance to obtain some of their hide, which is fairly useful for leathercrafters. A few notorious hounds have been reported to carry with them rare weapons, which may be worth the trouble of tracking them down.

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