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A young boy who grew up living a rather uneventful life in a highly advanced civilization known as Cocoon. Caught up in the Purge, he loses his mother before his very eyes and soon after ends up being branded a Pulse l'Cie─a threat to society. Hope learns to face his problems through the hardships he endures while fighting alongside his friends.


Hope is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who could be recruited during Chapter 1 of the main storyline.



Hope wears a short-sleeved orange and yellow jacket with a green neckerchief over a black shirt, and black gloves with white palms. He wears green cargo pants with a black storage pack hanging from a black belt over his left leg, and green boots. His l'Cie brand is on his left wrist, covered by a yellow wristband.


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Chapters 1–3[]

Materia brings Hope to the world of light by Materia, where he becomes lost in a bat-infested cave on Primus Island. Sazh sights him and tries to flag him down, initially to no avail. After fighting through waves of monsters, the warriors catch up to Hope, and Sazh recruits him to their cause.

At Zidane's lead, Hope and the other Warriors of Light chase Kuja through the ruins of Deserta. He is among the first to notice that the ruins feel oddly familiar, prompting the group to consult Mog for details. Hope is part of the contingent that chases Kuja through a torsion in the heart of the ruins. After they fight through several waves of dark manikins, Hope finds a torsion that allows them to escape back to the "real" world. Hope stays back for a moment to comfort and reassure Vivi, who dreads their newfound fight against Kuja in the new world.

After returning to Deserta, Hope and Vivi ruminate on Kuja's motivations with Rem, and on the nature of defying fate. After consulting with Zidane, they begin to suspect that Kuja fears the death he faces back on Gaia and is manipulating torsions in the world of respite to change his fate in his homeworld. Hope sympathizes with Kuja's struggle; nevertheless, he and the other warriors defeat Kuja as well as the Red Dragon which he summons. Kuja retreats through a torsion, leaving Hope and the others to return to their airship and depart the ruins for the lost kingdom of Thronus.

When Hope and the others disembark on the beaches of Thronus, Yuffie emerges. She pickpockets a device from Hope but the warriors corner her, forcing her to return the stolen goods. When the warriors have a run-in with the disciplinary committee some are taken aback by Seifer's abrasive demeanor; although Hope defends Seifer's intentions he is not interested in recruiting the trio. He continues to defend Seifer and his friends as the warriors race them to close the torsion at the heart of Thronus.

Chapters 4–6[]

Hope is part of the contingent that nurses a mind-controlled Terra Branford back to health after the Warriors of Light defeat her in battle; she had been captured by Kefka shortly after arriving in the world of light. Once Terra recovers and joins Materia's warriors, Hope joins her and Yuffie in chasing Kefka across the mountain range and into a torsion.

The torsion they pass through has several exits. As Hope and the other warriors move through one of its portals in their hunt for Kefka, they happen into a cave system where they run into the Onion Knight. Hope, also being a youth in the world of light, helps to explain to the Onion Knight why it is important for them to unite to close the torsions. Later on, the Onion Knight commits to joining their party.

At Mog's direction, Hope and the others disembark the airship in a meadow some distance from the palace at Malitia. As they climb through a mountain pass, they encounter a hopelessly lost Laguna Loire, whom they convince to join their group. As they cross the causeway to the palace, Hope and the others quiz Mog on the increasing frequency of dark manikins who are attacking them and learn of the conflict between the gods Materia and Spiritus. Mog claims that Spiritus intends control warriors as puppets to enforce his will. Hope, recalling his experiences with the god Bhunivelze in his world, resolves to thwart Spiritus.

Hope and the others later venture into the Domina wastelands to close a different torsion. The warriors take cover from the heat of the desert in a nearby forest where they encounter Shantotto on several occasions. At one point Hope notices that Shantotto is following them to observe their intentions and behavior from afar, but she again refuses to join them due to her distrust of Mog.

Lost Chapter: A Lion's Heart[]

Hope is among the contingent that first encounters Squall. After they convince him to travel together with the rest of the warriors, Squall leads them out of the cave. Hope remarks that Squall seems to know his way around, but Squall merely tells him that he acted based on information relayed to him by his client. Hope later conferences privately with Rem, Y'shtola, Tifa and Cloud with regards to Squall. Cloud expresses his reservations about Squall's distant personality and of the intentions of Squall's client. Rem argues that Squall is distant because he is soul-searching and Hope expresses a hope to help him along his path if they can. The group decides to stick by him and to accept him as one of their own.

While the group continues to move forward, Rem and Y'shtola pull Squall aside and offer him words of encouragement. Hope, noticing that they have fallen behind the group, doubles back to check on them. After Rem and Y'shtola leave, Hope speaks privately to Squall about the reasons why Squall chooses to fight; Squall tells him that he fights to survive to see his friends again. Hope reflects on Squall's words and resolves to persevere to see his friends again, including Lightning.

Lost Chapter: The Girl from Oerba[]

Hope and the others have become lost in a forest. Y'shtola begins to suspect that a magical force is trapping them there. As they discuss her hypothesis, Hope hears a cry for help at a distance. He recognizes the voice as Vanille's and rushes headfirst into combat to protect her. After defeating the monsters, Hope and Sazh reassure Vanille of the intentions of the warriors who came to her rescue and recruit her to their team.

Lost Chapter: Castles in the Sky[]

As Hope and the other warriors defeat a band of monsters, Setzer - who had been watching from afar - commends them on their performance. Setzer, who is perturbed by how the world of respite is devoid of people, asks the group why they continue to fight. Each of the warriors gives them their own reasons; Hope tells Setzer that he refuses to give up for the sake of his friends and his own future growth. Setzer, satisfied with their answers, decides to join the warriors in their journey. Later, Setzer and the warriors close the last torsion in the area, Setzer reveals to Sazh and Vaan he captains the Blackjack. They excitedly talk about airships. Hope, feeling left out, expresses his wish to be as invested in something as they are. Sazh comforts him and tells him that he is still very young.

Lost Chapter: Inheriting the Past[]

Aerith joins the warriors of light and leads them to close a torsion near the location where they first met her. She becomes separated from the group while wandering through a nearby forest. Hope, the Warrior of Light, and Mog find her. When they see Kuja and Kefka, they presume that she is being attacked and draw their weapons. However, Kuja had intended to defend her from Kefka to give her cover to escape. Seeing that Aerith now had reinforcements, Kuja leaves them to battle Kefka for themselves.

Later on, Hope, Cater and Yuri walk in on Laguna conversing with Aerith about the "faeries" in his head, and about whether he might be an Ancient as a result. They conclude that Laguna is not experiencing the same thing as Aerith because of how differently each phenomenon appears to manifest to each person. Following a suggestion from Aerith, Hope and Yuri speculate that somebody might be telepathically influencing his mind.

Act 2, Ch. 1: Drawing Chaos[]

Caius attacks Mog's airship and it crashes in the world of darkness. The Warriors of Light, saved by Mog's teleportation spells, wander the land in search of Caius to thwart his scheme to impose the crystal blessing of forgetfulness in Orience on his world. While exploring an abandoned city, Hope (as well as Lightning and Rem) are approached by the dark manikins of Hope, Lightning, and Serah.

The three manikins, hoping to salve the grief of the losses they suffered in their world, have aligned with Caius; they attempt to persuade Hope and the others to join him as well. Hope's manikin claims that Caius has the power to rewrite the past and save Hope's mother from being killed in the Purge by stopping Serah from being branded as a l'Cie. Hope responds with a righteous anger; although he suffered much pain in his path, he would never trade a hope in a better future for the regrets of events that have passed. Hope's vigor surprises Lightning and Rem. He calls on them to fight the dark manikins and they defeat the manikins together.

Hope regains his brilliance and thus the memories he had lost, including his memories of who he was as an adult, and of Serah Farron's ultimate fate. Hope reveals that when he was transiting to the world of respite, he picked not his older appearance but the younger one that Lightning would have recognized. Although Lightning did not regain memories from the brilliance left by her manikin, Hope and Serah tell her of her fate as the Knight of Etro who set them all on their journey in the first place. The group is approached by the dark manikins of Sazh, Snow, and Vanille. They challenge Hope and the others to a battle, as they do not trust Caius but do not have the will to resist him and to tell right from wrong. The Warriors of Light defeat the manikins, restoring the memories of their friends and consolidating the group's resolve in resisting Caius. When Hope and the others confront Caius they kill the planesgorger he summons to the world of darkness, as well as a kaiser behemoth. Lightning regains her memories after Caius and the behemoth are defeated, and apologizes to Hope and all the others for her part in their suffering.

Hope and the others are approached by a reawakened Mog who brings news that they have a new airship which, unbeknownst to them, had been prepared by Golbez to facilitate Cecil and his friends on his journey.

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Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Airwing (XIII).png Airwing (XIII)
(4★) / 10CP
DFFOO Skycutter (XIII).png Skycutter (XIII)
(5★) / 15CP
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XIII. Based on its version from Final Fantasy XIII.
DFFOO Aile Blanc (XIII).png Aile Blanc (XIII)
(5★) / 15CP
DFFOO Hawkeye (XIII).png Hawkeye (XIII)
(5★) / 35CP
Original weapon.
Stylized after Alexander on his Dissidia NT design.
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XIII.
DFFOO Eagletalon (XIII).png Aile Blanc (XIII)
(5★) / EX (70CP)
DFFOO Eagletalon (XIII)+.png Eagletalon (XIII)+
(6★) / EX+ (100CP)
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XIII.
DFFOO Otshirvani (XIII).png Otshirvani (XIII)
(5★) / LD (90CP)
Based on its version from Final Fantasy XIII.
Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Power Gloves (XIII).png Power Gloves (XIII)
(4★) / 20CP
DFFOO Whistlewind Scarf (XIII).png Whistlewind Scarf (XIII)
(5★) / 35CP
Original design. Original design.
DFFOO Blessed Talisman (XIII).png Blessed Talisman (XIII)
(5★) / 90CP
DFFOO Blessed Talisman (XIII)+.png Blessed Talisman (XIII)+
(6★) / 130CP
Original design.
DFFOO Tektite Buckle (XIII).png Tektite Buckle (XIII)
(7★) / 210CP
DFFOO Tektite Buckle (XIII)+.png Tektite Buckle (XIII)+
(7★) / 230CP
Original design.


Move Type Image
BRV Attack
BRV, Magic 200px
Steals enemy's BRV.
BRV Attack+
3-hit BRV attack.
Grants party BRV based on own ATK
Condition: With active buff while Protect Extension passive equipped
HP Attack
HP, Ranged, Magic (With CC55 Passive) 200px
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.
HP Attack+
2-hit magic BRV+HP attack.
Increases all allies' BRV based on HP damage dealt.
Condition: With active buff while Shell Extension passive equipped
Support, Buff DFFOO Shell.jpg
Party: 8 turns MAG Damage Resist
Self: 8 turns ATK Up II
Grants party BRV based on own ATK.
High turn rate
Does not add to turn count; does consume turn during summoning, support
Support, Buff DFFOO Protect.jpg
Party: 8 turns PHY Damage Resist, SPD Up I
Grants party BRV based on own ATK.
High turn rate
Does not add to turn count; does consume turn during summoning, support
Last Resort
EX Ability, Magic, HP Recovery, Special Effect DFFOO Last Resort.jpg
4-hit group magic BRV attack + group HP attack
Moderately increased BRV damage when attacking single target
Deals total HP damage to each target
Moderately restores party's HP based on HP damage dealt; recovery limit: 20% of individual MAX HP
While special effect Entrusted Hope at least 1:

• Moderately raises own MAX BRV • Raises ATK, amount stolen BRV may exceed MAX BRV; increases with special effect Entrusted Hope level
Special effect Entrusted Hope level changes with party's buff total (limit 5)



  • Hope's upgraded HP and BRV attacks (respectively "Retributive Blast" and "Brutal Sanction") are named after attacks used by Alexander, Hope's eidolon from Final Fantasy XIII.