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Honeybee Inn is a members only night club in the Wall Market in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is visited in Chapter 9 in The Town That Never Sleeps where Cloud Strife needs a makeover to partake in Don Corneo's audition. It is based on the Honey Bee Inn brothel from the original game, but though the flashy decor and the bee outfits remain, the two locations are vastly different in atmosphere. Honeybee Inn is owned by the eccentric entertainer called Andrea Rhodea, who supposedly has a three-year-long waiting list for appointments to meet him.


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Cloud and Aerith come to Wall Market to save Cloud's friend Tifa from Don Corneo, but find that they can't get into the don's abode without taking part in the audition themselves. Andrea Rhodea, the owner of the Honeybee Inn, is one of the Trio who recommend girls for Don Corneo's consideration, but when Cloud and Aerith visit the club they find Andrea will not see anyone without an appointment. After the two win the Corneo Cup tournament at the Corneo Colosseum, however, Andrea takes an interest in Cloud and invites him to the club. After Aerith gets a dress to take part in the audition, Cloud does not want to let her go in alone, and thus they head to see Andrea to seek his endorsement for Cloud to become the third "girl" for the don's choosing.

Honey Bee Inn from FFVII Remake

Cloud gets his makeover.

Cloud and Aerith arrive at the club where the honeygirls tell him he needs to impress Andrea and teach him how to dance. The girls drag Cloud to the show floor where he is taken to the stage where Andrea challenges him to a dance off. Impressed by Cloud's moves he transforms him. The crowd deems it the best show at Honeybee yet, and afterward Cloud can walk around the premises and look through the keyholes into some of the private lounges. He can meet the dressmaker here whose VIP card they helped returned earlier, and can see the Shinra executive Palmer outside, unwilling to go home despite his assistant's insistence.

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Cloud's Honeybee Inn makeover from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

Cloud's Honeybee Inn makeover from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

The player takes part in a rhythm game where they need to respond to button prompts. If they do perfectly in the tutorial, they unlock a new track for the music collection: Let the Battles Begin -Remake-. During the dance off with Andrea, if the player does well Aerith, who is watching from the crowd, will be elated, but if the player does poorly she is embarrassed for Cloud. If the player does well they get earrings to add to Cloud's attire from Andrea.

Musical themesEdit

An arrangement of the Honeybee Inn theme called "An Unforgettable Night" plays while outside of the inn while another one called "The Sweetest Honey" plays while inside.

"Stand Up" plays during the stage show, "Funk with Me" plays during the tutorial on the rhythm minigame, "Sync or Swim" and "Vibe Valentino" and "Stand Up - Reprise" plays during the performance.

Behind the scenesEdit

Honey Bee Inn was a seedy brothel in the original Final Fantasy VII. According to the developers, Honeybee is "revived it as a pantheon of entertainment, which couldn't be realized back then" for the Remake.[1] Since Honeybee was going to be drastically changed, the developers wanted to make it "highly entertaining" and referenced things like the French Moulin Rouge and Japanese burlesques. The developers were given the animations for Cloud and Andrea's dance sequence and were tasked with incorporating that into the game. Because the dance was so dynamic, rather than muddling the screen with two-dimensional UI elements, the team used three-dimensional UI integrated into the sequence.[2]



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