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The Home is an unrevisitable location in Final Fantasy X. It is the home of the Al Bhed clan located on Bikanel Island. In some International versions, it is possible to return to Home after acquiring the airship, resulting in the Home glitch.


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The party inside Home.

Home is an underground fortress hidden amid the Bikanel desert. It was built under Cid's direction to be the home of the Al Bhed, whom a lot of the rest of Spira despise for not following the teachings of Yevon. To save the summoners from sacrificing themselves to defeat Sin, and to convince the world to find an alternative method to bring the Calm, the Al Bhed began kidnapping summoners on their pilgrimages and bringing them to Home, keeping them in an area called the Summoners' Sanctum.

An attack by Sin in Lake Macalania transports Yuna and her guardians into the desert. Though Tidus rounds up the others, they cannot find Yuna. Rikku suggests they head for the Al Bhed capital, the city of Home, which they find under siege by the Guado. Fighting through the invasion, the party finds the summoners Dona and Isaaru, both taken by the Al Bhed into the Summoners' Sanctum. Tidus suffers an emotional breakdown upon discovering the truth behind the pilgrimage, and the reason the Al Bhed try to impede the summoners' quest for the Final Aeon at every turn: the Final Summoning will kill the summoner, and Yuna will meet the same fate if she completes her journey.

Fahrenheit flying over the Al Bhed Home.

The group makes its way to the Al Bhed airship Fahrenheit (which was the airship Tidus and Rikku salvaged after Rikku's salvager group saved Tidus in Baaj), captained by Rikku's father and Yuna's uncle, Cid. The ship takes off with Tidus's group and most of the Al Bhed on board, the latter having been forced to abandon their homeland. Cid blows up Home with the airship's missile system to take out the invading forces. The party learns Yuna has been taken by the Guado to the now-unsent Seymour to be married, setting Bevelle as their next destination.

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Al Bhed puzzles[]

In the Living Quarters (left area) there are two chests, distinguished by special security prompts.

  • Quest #1: The chest on the left will ask to player what it contains. The player can chose only one answer from a list which contains three fiends and six items:
Top row: Bomb, Elixir, Hi-Potion
Middle row: Mega-Potion, Soft, Chimera
Bottom row: Potion, Remedy, Evil Eye
The prize is either the item chosen or battle with the fiend chosen.
  • Quest #2: The other chest, demands the player to pick three Al Bhed words from a selection of nine.
"Sorry" is the middle word in the bottom line
"Wait" is at the far right of the middle line
"Pardon" is right in the middle
The prize is a Friend Sphere.

In the Living Quarters (right area) there are two chests, distinguished by special security prompts.

  • Quest #3: The chest on the left, requires the player to solve four mathematical puzzles. The answers are: 5, 6, 3 and 3 (place them from left to right)
The prize is a Special Sphere.
  • Quest #4: The other chest, poses four questions, each of which has four possible answers. The solutions are: Question 1 = 3rd answer (Yes); Question 2 = 4th answer (Brother); Question 3 = 2nd answer (Bikanel Island); Question 4 = 1st answer (Al Bhed)
The prize is a Skill Sphere.


Note: Can only pick one of the following items in Quest #1:


Main Corridor
First area

Note: The following random encounters are available

Second area
Living Quarters
Left area
Right area

Musical themes[]

"Peril" plays as the party ventures through the monster-infested Home of the Al Bhed. It is the 10th track of Final Fantasy X: Original Soundtrack. "Zanarkand" plays when the party reaches the Summoners' Sanctum to find Yuna. It is the second song on the original soundtrack. "The Truth Revealed" plays in the Summoners' Sanctum when Tidus realizes the full purpose of summoners' pilgrimage. Pieces of "Zanarkand" are played throughout the song. It is the 11th song on the original soundtrack.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Al Bhed Home FFX Special.png
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Behind the scenes[]

Artwork of Home.

Home was designed by Isamu Kamikokuryo. He imagined an exotic fruit bursting open while drawing the concept art.[1]

A voice in Al Bhed is broadcast saying, "ajanouha ihtan!" ("everyone under!") in the English version, and ヒアシリハンヘモ (hia shi rihan hemo?) (地下に避難せよ (chika ni hinan seyo?, lit. evacuate underground!)) in the Japanese version.



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