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Holyra in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Holyra (ホーリラ, Hōrīra?), also known as Holy II, is a recurring spell in the series. It is the upgraded version of the Holy spell, and its upgraded version is Holyga.


Final Fantasy XIV[]

Sanctified Holy II (サンクティファイド・ホーリラ, Sankutifaido Hōrīra?, lit. Sanctified Holyra) is an enemy ability exclusive to Dikaiosyne, dealing unaspected magic damage to targets within range. It shares the same animation as the Paladin's Holy Circle Divine Magic spell.

Final Fantasy Tactics S[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

Holyra inflicts massive Holy damage and has a wider radius than Holy. It can be only cast by casting Holy, combining any Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder Magicite with one Life Magicite, and adding one more Life spell. Adding another Life spell to the combination increases the spell's power. It can be used only in Multiplayer mode.