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A ceremonial sword shaped after the Iocus Rood.

Vagrant Story description

The Holy Win (ホーリーウィン, Hōrī Uin?) is the strongest great sword in Vagrant Story and is one of the ultimate weapons.

Alone, the Holy Win provides 35 to Strength, -6 to Agility, a Range of 6, and a Risk cost of 2, compared to its preceding weapons, the Rune Sword and Nodachi, whose Risk cost is 3.


Ashley Riot equipping the Holy Win.

It is wielded by the first form of Guildenstern and cannot be won from this fight. It is obtainable on second play by entering The Iron Maiden B2 with less than 150 health and defeating the Last Crusader at the entrance to B3. The drop rate for The Holy Win is between 1 and 3%, and as such, it is extremely difficult to obtain.


The Holy Win has curious combination properties. The only Holy Win obtainable is made out of Damascus and combining it with nearly any other blade will result in that blade in Damascus. Example: An Iron Scimitar combined with the Holy Win will result in a Damascus Scimitar.

Other appearances[]

The Holy Win is alluded to elsewhere in the Ivalice Alliance.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Powerful sword with a blade shaped like a cross.

FFTA Zankplus.PNG

The Greatsword Zankplus bears a strong resemblance to the Holy Win, and is one of the highest tier greatswords, providing 49 to Weapon Attack and immunity to the Poison aliment.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Item description.

Massive is the only word adequate to describe this cross-bladed sword.

Xankbras is a sword that provides 39 Attack and immunity to the Poison aliment.