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Holy Water as seen in Final Fantasy V.

This sanctified water is most efficacious in increasing resistance to debuffs, with no ill side effects.

The Holy Water (聖水, Seisui?), also known as Revivify, is a consumable item that appears in various games. It usually cures the Zombie status. In some versions, Holy Water is used to remove the status effect Curse. In some games it can also be used against undead opponents as an instant kill.


Final Fantasy VEdit

Removes zombie status.
Holy Water
Effect Cures Zombie.
Buy Regole and beyond.
Steal Blood Slime, Death Dealer, Ferry Walk, Grand Mummy, Necromancer, The Damned, Alte Roite
Drop Bald Money, Blood Slime, Landsquid Mummy, Lycaon, Necromancer, Red Harpy, Shadow, The Damned
Cost 150 gil

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Cures zombie status.

Holy Water can instantly kill undead enemies. It will also restore 1/8th of a character's Max HP. Holy Water will restore HP regardless of being under the Zombie status.

Holy Water
Also called Revivify
Effect Cures Zombie.
Buy Kohlingen and onwards
Find [WoB] Maranda - Box, [WoB] Vector (during Banquet) - Chest
Steal FossilFang, Apparite, Black Dragon
Drop Orog, Over-Mind, Osteosaur, Ing, Mad Oscar, Ogor, Apparite, PowerDemon, Exoray, Necromancr
Morph Anguiform, Brain Pan, Buffalax, Sand Horse, General, Ogor, Wart Puck, Gobbler, Toe Cutter, Misfit, Latimeria, Hemophyte, Sp Forces, Opinicus, Mantodea, Osprey
Cost 300 gil

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Holy Water
Effect Removes Zombie and Curse.
Buy All item shops
Refine Zombie Powder x1 = Holy Water x3 (ST Med-RF)
Cost 100 gil

Final Fantasy XEdit

Cures zombie and curse.

70 can be used to customize Zombietouch to a weapon.

Holy Water
Effect Cures Zombie and Curse.
Buy Calm Lands and beyond.
Steal YAT-97, YKT-11
Cost 300 gil

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Holy Water
Effect Cures Curse, Itchy, and Pointless.
Buy All item shops.
Find Besaid Village (chapter 1/3), Mi'ihen Highroad (chapter 1/2/3/5)
Steal Yevon Striker, Yevon's Finest
Drop Arast, Elder Zurvan, Grim Gaze, Varan, Vertigo
Cost 300 gil

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Main article: Holy Water (FFXIclopedia)

Holy Water cures Curse, and has a small chance of removing the Doom status (but it frequently fails to take effect). Holy Water can be bought from various merchants as well as crafted by alchemists. It is also a valuable ingredient for synthesizing Holy weapons.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Holy Water
Effect Removes Curse from one ally.
Buy Unicorn Mart from Chapter 7.
Cost 100 Gil

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Removes Curse from one ally.
Holy Water
Effect Removes Curse from one ally.
Buy Chocolina
Cost 100 Gil

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Holy Water restores a small amount of HP, and casts Protect and Shell for 30 seconds. It can be bought at General Stores for 840 gil and on The Ark for 1 EP. It can be won at the Slaughterhouse.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Water blessed by an anointed Halonic Orthodox priest. Used to exorcise most evil spirits from worldly items.

Holy Water and the related Hallowed Water appear in the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion. They can be crafted by high-level alchemists. They serve as crafting materials, primarily used to treat certain cloth and lumber into more powerful variants, allowing one to synthesize higher-level equipment.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Use holy water to lift the curse of undeath from a unit.
Holy Water
Effect Removes Undead and Vampire statuses from an ally.
Buy Outfitters: Chapter 2, second battle at Merchant City of Dorter.
Cost 2000 Gil

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Holy water restores true life to zombies.
Holy Water
Effect Cures Zombie status.
Buy All shops
Cost 2,000 gil

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

It can be Mirrored by a Ranger to lower a target's Resilience.

Holy Water
Effect Increases the resilience against debuffs.
Buy All shops
Cost 80 gil

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit

Curse has a potion icon before its name. It can be bought in numerous towns across the various worlds for 300 GP. It has 4 uses, and also increases a Robot's HP by 9 when equipped on them. The item heals Curs from one target.

Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

Holy Water is a crafting material, bought for 1,000 gil in Moschet Manor.

Non-Final Fantasy appearances Edit

Live A Live Edit

Live A Live Holy Water

Holy Water appears in the Medieval and Final chapters. It restores a great amount of HP when used.



Holy water is water that has been blessed by a member of a clergy or religious figure. The use for baptism and spiritual cleansing is common among several religions, from Christianity to Sikhism. The use of holy water as a sacramental for protection against evil is common among Anglicans and Roman Catholics.

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