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The party traveling inside the Holy Tree Tower.

The Holy Tree Tower (神木の塔, Shinboku no Tou?) is an optional location in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. The tower is located on an island west from Arbor and can only be entered with the help of the Cetus. Like the other bonus towers, the player must obtain the Master Key in order to enter. The interior of the tower resembles the Great Tree and like any other of the bonus towers, there are one hundred floors.

The shops and chests carry some moderately powerful equipment and powerful bosses await the player on some of the floors. The tower has a difficulty level of two. The reward for defeating the boss at the one hundredth floor is the Sage crown.


Item Price
X-Potion 400 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Hi-Ether 10000 gil
Moonring Blade 22000 gil
Koga Shuriken 28000 gil
Guan Yu's Pike 55000 gil


Most of the items from these chests are common items buyable in shops. However, the player can obtain an Elixir from these chests which are the only way of obtain Elixirs.

  • Potion
  • Gold Needle
  • Remedy
  • Elixir

The items found in the chest on the 70th floor and 90th are randomly determined from the following lists:

  • Musician's Robe
  • Storyteller Robe
  • Scribe Gown
  • Beastmaster Coat
  • Sage Robe
  • Ninja Robe
  • Seamstress Clothes
  • Apollo's Harp
  • Artemis Bow
  • Excalibur
  • Giant's Toothpick
  • Zodiac Spear
  • Great Wizard Stave
  • Necronomicon
  • Afreet Axe


Musical themes[]

The typical dungeon theme, "Cave of Wraiths" (あやかしの洞, Ayakashi no hora?) is the location theme for the Holy Tree Tower. The track can be found in the original soundtrack as Track 9 and is composed by Naoshi Mizuta.